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New Option! Delivery from Takeout Central!


Updated Delivery InfoWine-Delivery-Asheville.jpg

There are two options for delivery. Our partners at Takeout Central are offering immediate delivery on a select number of wines during shop hours. For same day delivery Mon-Sat from our Metro Team, please see below:

Within 2 miles of Metro Wines:

  • Complimentary with purchase over $100.
  • $15 fee for purchase under $100.

Outside of 2 miles of Metro Wines:

  • $1 per minute 1-way. (Minimum $100 purchase).
  • Please call 828-575-9525 for deliveries over 15 miles from Metro Wines.
  • Have credit card info ready for all deliveries must be pre-paid.

* You must present a valid ID to receive delivery *