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Thursday, 04 July 2024 09:52

French Libation Tasting

News Release: Thursday, July 4th, 2024
About: French Wine Tasting
Join us on Wednesday, July 24th from 4-6pm @MetroWines on Charlotte Street to meet Global Brand Representative, Thibault Petiet, of French Libation, and taste his collection of stellar wines including Metro Wines customer favorite Vetriccie from Corsica! The event is "at the bar" and "on the house" with no reservations necessary. Amenez vos amis!
French Libation
"Our company is the link between French producers and the American market specializing in hand-crafted wines, ciders and spirits. We strive to select qualitative and affordable libations that express their terroir perfectly. Above all, we work with producers we believe in. We focus on regional US distribution with partners in over 40 states. Our goal is to build long-term relationships through fine product selections, right prices and high-quality service."
"Located in the town of Aghione, on the Costa Serena, the Vetriccie estate bought by the Barcelo family in 1966 expresses all the attributes of a premium Corsican wine. It spreads over 120 hectares in the heart of the appellation AOP Vin de Corse. The well-orientated soils are located between sea and mountain. The harmonious blend of continental and native varietals on this recognized terroir give elegant and flavoured wines with strong potential."
"What we like about French Libation is the amazingly high quality to price ratio," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of Metro Wines. "This is not only a tasting of great wines but a learning experience."
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
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Saturday, 16 March 2024 19:15

Wine Tours to France

TOURS: with Jean Christian Rostagni
May 17  - June 1st,   2024
4 Spots available (sell out risk HIGH)
This tour is the most artistic one, it is the tour where my previous life as a photographer exudes most. We spend 4 nights in Arles, which is to photography what Cannes is to Cinema, and there we stay in unique hotels created by the art philanthropist who created the foundation Luma and these hotels to go with it. And then later in the tour we visit my mentor Denis Brihat, a world renowned photographer, one of the very few if not the only member of the great generation still alive. We are talking of somebody who knew Picasso in Antibes, Jean Cocteau, and was friend with all the great photographers from that golden age, including Henri Cartier Bresson or Robert Doisneau. We are in the circle of photography’s Royalty.
And then this tour pinacles for 6 nights in a 16th century castle, we have dinner there 4 of these nights in their gastronomic restaurant that presents a rare cuisine centered on vegetal, with a strong emphasis of the products coming from their own organic garden on location. The whole hotel is run around an organic approach for living, including the marvelous beddings. The owner is retired from the company he created around organic products.
There are currently 7 participants in this tour, and the price will be, per person based on double occupancy, airfare and travel insurance are additional: $7,700 if 11 participants, $7,950 if 10 participants, $8,240 if 9 participants, $8,590 if 8 participants
June 15 - 28,   2024
4 Spots available, until April 15.
My Bordeaux selection is second to none, and in this tour I offer, in brilliant company, to explore and understand all the complexity of Bordeaux. I can do this with the help of my second, Serge Opillard, a Sommelier of Sommeliers, with extremely rare talent and knowledge of bdx. Serge has a good part of responsibility in the quality of my selection in Bdx. We stay 10 nights in the center of town, in its gorgeous golden triangle, and really life is good, visiting a different wine maker every day in the country side and walking from the hotel to a restaurant in town for dinner. All at the time when linden trees are blooming, and distill their enchanting scent on the town.
There are currently 8 participants in this tour, and the price will be, per person based on double occupancy, airfare and travel insurance are additional: $6,420 , if 12 travelers, $6,600 if 11 Travelers, $6,820 if 10 Travelers, $7,080 if 9 Travelers.
Sept 27 - Oct 11,  2024
8 Spots available
This is my newest tour, a totally unique wine tour in the gorgeous region also known as Languedoc. This is an expedition in France’s Deep South, a sliver actually of Occitanie, one tucked between the rather wild Southern Central Mountains, and the coastal plains.
The wine culture runs deep there, the climate, the soil and the relative wine making freedom in a region where appellations are not as restrictive as in other parts of France, has allowed a rather high concentration of hyper talented vintners, busy at pushing the boundaries of wine making. White or red, I promise wines and characters of legend, accommodations evoking sophisticated oasis in the wilderness, and all in all, a trip in a part of France out of this world and not exempt of mystic. For folks interested in wine pioneering, this is the new frontier for French wines. To understand that this is not hyperbole: one of my producers there has beaten Chateau Petrus in a blind tasting competition.
There are currently 5 participants in this tour, and the price will be, per person based on double occupancy, airfare and travel insurance are additional: $6.250 if 13 participants, $6,390 if 12 participants, $6,560 if 11 participants, $6,765 if 10 participants, $6,960 if 9 participants, $7,265 if 8 participants, $7,660 if 6 or 7 participants.
WHY Contrast Tours? Jean Christian Says:
* They beat cruises and even small barge cruises by offering nicer accommodation, and above all a much fuller immersion in France and its culture. At the end of a day a cruise promotes people staying among themselves, and the wine experiences remain formulaic.
* Previous tour goers tell me that they particularly enjoy traveling with a native who also is fully attuned to American culture, and therefore can bridge the gap between them and the French, notably in terms of language, culture, customs.
* Uniquely, I also import and distribute the wine from the producers we visit. So people can keep purchasing here the wine they discovered and fell in love with in France. And this also explains why the producers go out of their way to welcome my travelers with unparalleled warmth and attention.
More Information and Booking:
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Tuesday, 23 January 2024 16:41

Basics of Burgundy

News Release: January 23rd, 2024
About: "Basics of Burgundy" @MetroWines
Please join us for a class with Ayres Newsom, Proprietor of Vino Mondial, guiding us through the "Basics of Burgundy" and tasting 6 wines from the region, on February 11th @MetroWines on Charlotte Street from 2-4pm. 
"Burgundy is home to some of the world's most exclusive and sensuous wine!" says Ayres. "With all the romance of France in your glass, this is an exciting way to start your Valentine's Day Week."
Presentation includes three white Burgundies and three red Burgundies paired with charcuterie style small bites as well as:
* side by side comparisons of white and red burgundies
* the basics of the classification system in Burgundy
* the history of the region
* and why Burgundy might just be the best food wine in the world! 
What's Burgundy All About?

"When some people hear “burgundy wine,” they immediately think of red wine. “Burgundy” does not refer to the color of the wine, however, but to the region of France in which the wine is made. That region is called “La Bourgogne” in French, “Burgundy” in English.

Some of the world’s finest red and white wines are produced in this storied region. These sought-after red wines are made entirely from the Pinot Noir grape, and the world-famous white wines are made entirely from the Chardonnay grape.

While these wines are known throughout the world, few people realize that Burgundy is by far the smallest major wine-growing region in the world. In fact, the heart of Burgundy is only about 30 miles long by one mile wide – tiny by wine standards. Obviously, the villages are tiny, too, and are a mere kilometer or two apart.

Herein lies one of the most complicated aspects of Burgundy – namely, the terrain presents a compact arrangement of microclimates. These microclimates present a complex assortment of altitudes, slopes, exposures and soil types. Literally, two vineyards separated by a stone wall or a dirt road will produce grapes that make wines which can be very different in flavor as well as quality. It’s no wonder that Burgundy produces a greater variety of single-grape wines than any other region in the world and it’s also no wonder that Burgundy can be a minefield for the wine lover in the United States.

Wines made in Burgundy receive their quality classifications, called appellations, based on the region, village or individual vineyard in which the grapes are grown. In most cases, the more defined the growing area of the grapes, the more consistent the quality of the wine produced by those grapes. Oftentimes, the finest wines are produced by vineyards that are no more than a few football fields in size."

Event cost for the presentation and tasting is $55 (plus tax). Go here:


Contact for MetroWines: John Kerr

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Thursday, 02 November 2023 08:07

Orsini "Around the World Holiday Wine Tasting"

orsini wines
News Release: Thursday, November 2, 2023
About: Orsini Wines Presents "Around the World Holiday Tasting"

Join us on Saturday, November 11th from 4-6 @MetroWines on Charlotte Street for an "Around the World Holiday  Wine Tasting" presented by Sara Ciofoletti from Orsini Wines. The event is "at the bar" and "on the house" and no reservations are necessary.
Bring friends to discover great wines for prices that won't break the holiday bank! 
Hermann Moser, Green Eyes Grüner Veltliner (2022 Liter) Austria 
Lindquist Family Wines Chardonnay, Santa Maria Valley (2022) California
Rodaro Friuli Colli Orientali Schioppettino (2017) Italy
Château de la Font du Loup, Côtes du Rhône Signature (2021) France
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
(828) 575-9525
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