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Choosing a Bottle to Cellar for a Future Special EventSpecial occasions always call for incredible wine. Whether it be a friend's 50th birthday, a special anniversary, or your daughter's wedding, anytime there is something to be celebrated, it is always better with a unique bottle of wine!

One way to commemorate a special event is by aging a special bottle of wine for that day. Obviously, this takes proper planning and a little bit of knowledge, but cellaring a bottle of wine is not rocket science. 

There is no esoteric voodoo that only the most knowledgeable of wine snobs can partake in. If you have a wine cellar, and a basic understanding of wine, you too can cellar incredible wines, just check out our guide here.

How to Choose a Wine Worth Aging

With anything, there are certain wines that age better than others, but what works best? And for what occasion? As our guide about cellaring wine describes, wines whose characteristics are as follows are best for aging:

  • High Acidity
  • Big Tannins
  • Bottles Suggested By Producers
  • Bottles Priced Higher Than $50

Once you have a general idea of what works and how to age your wine, here are a few tips that we have gathered on picking a wine to cellar for your next special occasion.

1. Consider the Occasion

The first thing to consider when choosing a bottle of wine for a cellar is the occasion for which you will be opening it. If it's a special occasion such as a wedding or anniversary, you may want to choose a bottle that has personal significance or sentimental value.

2. Choose Wines from Reputable Producers

The quality of the wine you choose will depend on the producer. Look for wines that have a good reputation for producing wines that age well. Ask around or check out review sites to see what other aficionados are saying about a producer's wine. 

3. Age a Bottle of Champagne

Nothing says celebration like a bottle of champagne. Pick a unique producer and a special to you vintage, and put that bad boy away. 

Fine champagnes age incredibly well. As champagne ages, the flavors become more pronounced, and the acidity and tannins balance out. Additionally, aged champagne’s are typically more complex and develop a unique bouquet of aromas and flavors. 

Therefore, aging champagne can be a great way to enhance the overall drinking experience, and it can make the wine more suitable for special occasions.

4. Go Big or Go Home

When investing in wines to cellar for special occasions, putting down cash on cases can help drive the price down. Want to enjoy a bottle before your special occasion is here? Go ahead and grab one because you have eleven more hidden away in your cellar!

MetroWines - Your Wine Source for Any Occasion

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