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Sunday, 02 June 2024 10:16

Andy Lands in Brindisi, Italy

Sunday, June 2nd
image 2
"After 28 hours of travel, I have finally landed in Brindisi, Puglia, the "heel of Italy's boot. The landscape here is dry and tan with the occasional green shrubs dotting the tan scrub brush. Is is very hot and flat. The cities I pass look more like the Middle East than what I expected Italy to look like. I'm heading to the hotel for a quick shower and to change out of the clothes I have been wearing since yesterday morning, then we are off to a winery, Livelli, for dinner. I'm in Primitivo and Negroamaro country and I can't wait to see what the winery has in store for us."
Saturday, 01 June 2024 16:16

Wine Dinner at Blackbird

News Release: Saturday, June 1st, 2024
About: "A Midsummer Night's Dream Dinner"
   Why is everyone in town talking about Wine Dinners at Blackbird. Find out for yourself when Juniper Cooper hosts the third in a series of magical evenings as Wine, Summer and Shakespeare blend together.  The Blackbird Presents "A Midsummer Night's Dream Dinner" with Metro Wines and Juniper Cooper of Johnson Brothers/Mutual Distributing of North Carolina.

   Please join us on Monday, June 24th, at The Blackbird, 47 Biltmore Ave in downtown Asheville, for a special dinner to celebrate the evening of this year's Midsummer and Chef Mike's favorite Shakespeare play. The evening begins at 6:30pm with a Bubbly Welcome Pour and then continues with 6 courses, dessert, and curated wine pairings.  $125 (non-inclusive of tax and gratuity)
   This 7-Course celebration has been designed with special nods to the foods and characters from various acts of the play.  Each dish will feature the produce and edible creations from our local farms and kitchens to highlight the fullness of our growing season and will be paired with a wine selection from sustainably certified, family wineries from around the world. 

   "A magical evening of delights awaits and we are eager to share with you!" says Juniper Cooper. "Experience Shakespeare's menu at Blackbird's Table."


Wines will be available to order and available the same week through Metro Wines. Any questions please  email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
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(828) 575-9525
Tuesday, 28 May 2024 11:05

Cody & Cassie

Friday, 24 May 2024 16:25

Becoming Barolo

News Release: Friday, May 24th, 2024
About: The Nebbiolo Grape from Vine to Barolo

Join Juniper Cooper and Ciao Asheville @MetroWines, Wednesday, June 19th, 5:30-6:30, for "Becoming Barolo" as we learn how Nebbiolo goes from vine to bottle as Barolo. We will taste 4 spectacular bottles, 2 early in the process bottles of Nebbiolo, a Barbaresco and a Barolo! Served with cheese, bread and a Surprise Bottle! Event Cost is $40 (+tax). Seating is limited to 20. Reserve Your Seat by calling (828) 575-9525 or online:
Said for centuries, Barolo is king of wine and wine of kings. And so it is!  There is nothing that says the recipient is worthy of the best, nothing that says elegance, no wine that speaks of confidence, strength and tradition like Barolo.

What is this magic? Barolo is a red wine from Piedmont, Italy. Made from Nebbiolo, a small, thin-skinned grape, the wine is generally high in acid and tannins. To be called “Barolo” in Italy, the bottle must be 100% Nebbiolo. No exceptions. And no additives to soften the natural tannins which is why a bottle of Barolo needs age, a cork and a cool dark place!
Contact: Gina Trippi
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Thursday, 23 May 2024 11:51

Piedmont Wine Imports Tasting

News Release: Thursday, May 23rd, 2024
About: Piedmont Wine Imports Tasting
Join Ciao Asheville for a tasting of wines from Durham based Piedmont Wine Imports hosted by Sarah Ciofoletti on Thursday, June 13th from 4-6pm @MetroWines. The event is "at the bar" and "on the house" and parking is free, close and easy.
From Website:
Who Makes the Wines Piedmont Imports? 
Common traits overshadow the differences. The farms we work with value character, nature, and truth. They work land with knowledge from tradition and decision-making filtered through 1,000s of hours among their vines, learning up close.

Our portfolio strives to be deep, not broad. The variations that abound in wines produced by hand between one farmer and the next are key to our learning process and are a big part of where the fun is in this endeavor.

We share an emotional, at times irrational bond with these people and their wines. We care about their success, and see value in who they are and what they do. But mostly it’s in the bottle: our love comes from the wine, the same experience you have tasting the wines. So maybe your feelings will be close to the same.
About Founder and Owner of Piedmont Wine Imports, Jay Murrie: (pictured)
I started Piedmont Wine Imports in 2012, to bring small farm organic European wines to America. After 13 fun-filled years in independent wine shops, I wanted to get out into the countryside, to find wine that would slightly increase the quality of what was available in America.

There are still finds! As years have passed we’ve traveled more miles than I maybe anticipated at the beginning of this dream job. Maybe I just don’t like a crowd. Leaving the trade shows and finding the one-lane gravel roads up to some isolated hillside farm, remote enough to hear nature surround you from the moment you turn off the car, this became my day at the office. It feels right. To meet grandparents and parents and pets, to see livestock and compost and tentative steps toward future plans, this approach brings us a better understanding of what we are selling to our customers. We become partners in the lives and dreams of the farmers we represent. As their spokespeople in America, this small slice of understanding makes it easier to do our real jobs, to be their advocate. It also builds friendships: we don’t work with jerks! Or generally speaking, middlemen. We prefer farmers, characters, funny, hardworking, inquisitive, real humans.

It’s all very personal at this stage. When it comes to the wines we import, it’s my goal to make zero compromises. Piedmont Wine Imports can skip mediocrity and collect wines we’d share with our friends and family, made by farmers who we’d invite to dinner.

I love how Piedmont Wine Imports changes. Every year our mission statement moves a little. It feels like glacial change. Scrutinizing, tasting, looking at the horizon and discerning where we best fit on the wine map: today we have a small team of smart wine professionals tinkering with what Piedmont Wine Imports is. It brings me optimism, also makes me feel a sense of urgency. I have to be sharper, more aware of our terrain to remain a relevant part of what we do. The people I work with give me freedom, they keep it from feeling like work.
Served at popular restaurants and sold at specialty shops around North Carolina.
Contact for Metro Wines: Gina Trippi
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Saturday, 11 May 2024 06:58

Bad bad Leroy

Friday, 10 May 2024 12:35

How Oak Barrels Influence Wine

Enjoying a good quality glass of wine is a sensory experience that engages the senses and invites contemplation. Begin by observing the wine's appearance. Hold the glass up to the light and appreciate the color, clarity, and viscosity of the wine. 

Note whether it is pale or deep in hue and whether it has any subtle tinges or reflections that hint at its age and varietal character. Swirl the wine gently in the glass to release its aromas, allowing them to evolve and intensify.

Friday, 03 May 2024 17:36

Bebe and Delia

Monday, 22 April 2024 15:44

Schug Pinot Noir and More Tasting

News Release: April 22nd, 2024
About: Schug Pinot Noir and More Wine Tasting
Schug is known for Pinot Noir. But there is so much more! Join us on Tuesday, May 14th from 4-6pm @MetroWines to delve further into the Schug Wines. The event is hosted by JOHN SANDERS, National Sales Manager "at the bar" and "on the house" with no reservations necessary.
Sonoma Coast Chardonnay
White Pinot Noir 
Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir
Cabernet Sauvignon 
About Schug: (Website)
Celebrating 40 years since our inaugural vintage, Schug Winery was born from Walter Schug’s passion for Pinot Noir, a journey that led him from Napa Valley’s pioneering days at Joseph Phelps Winery to the wind-swept hills of Sonoma’s Carneros region. Honoring our 100-year-old heritage and guided by winemaker Johannes Scheid, we continue to craft European-styled wines for a new chapter, inviting you to share our family’s legacy in every sip.
Discover the essence of the Sonoma Coast in every sip of our single vineyard wines. With a commitment to showcasing the diverse terroir of this premier region, we work closely with exceptional vineyards to create outstanding wines that reflect the distinctive climate, soils, and topography unique to the Sonoma Coast. Elevate your palate with these meticulously crafted expressions, a true testament to our dedication and the remarkable terroir that shapes them.
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Monday, 22 April 2024 13:14

John Grochau GC Wine Tasting

gc commuter
News Release: April 22nd, 2024
About: John Grochau Hosts a Tasing of His GC Wines
Meet John Grochau, Owner and Winemaker at Grochau Cellars (now GC), on Wednesday, May 21st from 4 to 6pm @MetroWines. Customers @MetroWines know John Grochau for his Commuter Cuvee Pinot Noir and his crowd pleasing Melon de Bourgogne. This is an opportunity to taste his other extraordinary wines from Amity, Oregon! The event is "at the bar" and "on the house."
-Etheric Wines Pinot Gris Rose 
-GC Commuter Cuvee Pinot Noir
-GC Willamette Chardonnay
-GC higher end Pinot Noir tbd
The Story:
GC Wines Founder John Grochau made his way to wine organically, starting first in fine dining restaurants in Portland, namely the legendary Higgins, and learning to make wine under the guidance of Willamette Valley greats.

In 2002, he founded Grochau Cellars, his eponymous wine label, where he could explore the production of food-friendly wines reminiscent of place. More than twenty years later, John has become well known in the Oregon wine industry as a friend, compatriot and community builder. 

He has lent his expertise to countless winemaking endeavors and prioritized strong relationships with growers across the state. After reflecting on more than two decades in the business, he shortened the name to GC Wines to reflect the brand’s evolution from one person’s dream to a dream realized and a much bigger family.
Press Reviews for GC:

Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
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Wednesday, 17 April 2024 10:32

Rise Over Run French Wine Tasting

rise run
News Release: Wednesday, April 17th, 2024
About: Rise Over Run French Wine Tasting @MetroWines
Join Chris Thornbury from Rise Over Run on May 8th from 4 to 6pm @MetroWines for a tasting of "rare varietals from France available only in France and North Carolina!" Wines featured are spring releases from the lesser known regions of Loire, Corbierres and Savoie. The event is, as always, "at the bar" and "on the house" with no reservations necessary.
- Chateau de Montdomaine Touraine Methode Traditionelle Blanc Sparkling
- Cendrillon Nuance 2022 
- Blanc et Fils Rose 2023
- La Cave du Prieure Pinot Noir 2023 

Metro Wines has plenty of free, close parking!
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
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Saturday, 13 April 2024 13:55

Fever-Tree (NA) Tasting

fever ad
News Release: Saturday, April 13th, 2024
About: FeverTree (NA) Tasting
Join us on Saturday, May 4th from 1 to 4pm @Metrowines, to taste Fever-Tree (non-alcoholic) beverages: Sparklings, Tonic Waters and Mixers! Stacy Strong of Empire Distribution will pour and host the tasting. As always, the event is "at the bar" "on the house"
The Fever-Tree Mission
Our co-founders Charles and Tim, working in different parts of the drinks business, had both spotted that premium spirits were growing quickly, fuelled by consumers’ increasing awareness of the provenance of what they eat and drink.

However, this growing interest in premium food and drink had seemed to neglect mixers, a crucial element of the drinks industry that remained flat. It struck them both as extraordinary that people were paying a good deal of money for a high-quality spirit, yet had no choice but drown it with a poor-quality mixer.

From the very beginning, Charles and Tim approached their business in a different way - there would be no compromise at Fever-Tree. Flavour and quality were of the utmost importance. This mindset led them on an 18-month adventure from the archives of the British Library to facing the wrong end of a Kalashnikov in the Democratic Republic of Congo and concluded with the launch of our Premium Indian Tonic Water in 2005, with the belief we still operate by today. Our story is about going to the ends of the earth in pursuit of the best and, the most exciting thing is, we’ve only just scratched the surface.
We are delighted to announce that we have been named Drinks International's number one Best-selling and Top Trending mixer for the 10th year running, as voted by the world's best bartenders! 

Since day one, we have been uncompromising in our commitment to sourcing the world's finest ingredients for our mixers; all in service of creating the most delicious and best-tasting long mixed drinks. 

This pursuit of great taste is one we share with the world's best bars and bartenders - all of whom we owe a massive thank you to, for your continued support over the years. We would not be where we are without you and we are honoured to be in your company. Here's to another year of mixing with the best! 
Until the big day, shop Fever-Tree @MetroWines and follow the Fever-Tree Guide for cocktails and Mocktails here:
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
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Friday, 12 April 2024 08:34

Another 5 Star Review for Kristen

ANOTHER 5 Star Review for Kristen
Kristen"s Wedding Consultations are becoming Legendery!
This review from a friend, "LS," of the Bride:
"Had a wine tasting today with a friend who is getting married. We met with Kristen, and I can honestly say it was a delightful experience. She was so intelligent and FUN. She is simply amazing. Loved every minute of the experience, and honestly, we would have loved to have stayed longer to hang out.
The wines she picked for the bride were absolutely perfect for the brides taste and menu.

The wine shop had an excellent collection of nice wines from around the world that are not over the top expensive. They hold free wine tastings during the year. I do not know if it is monthly or seasonal.

10/10 recommend for wine enthusiasts as all the people that worked in there were lovely. It wasn't the fake kind of lovely either. A calm and inviting atmosphere."

Understanding the differences between Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon is crucial for wine enthusiasts and professionals alike, as it enhances one's ability to appreciate and enjoy these distinct varietals. Knowing their differences allows for more informed wine selection based on personal taste preferences and the occasion. 

tree and vine
News Release: Tuesday, April 2, 2024
About: Tree and Vine Hosts an Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Tasting
Join us on Wednesday, April 24th from 4-6 @Metro Wines, for a tasting of Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars hosted by local Asheville businessTree and Vine paired with wines. The event is "at the bar" and "on the house" with no reservations needed.
Who is Tree and Vine:
Terri and Paul Karlsson, wife and husband team of 33 years, have both had varied and interesting careers. Terri had a career in a Fortune 100 company before becoming involved with forming and managing nonprofits. Paul is a retired Naval Aviator and a former global consultant for a Fortune 100 company. Both are passionate supporters of the arts and are involved in the musical arts professionally and as volunteers. Terri and Paul live in these beautiful mountains with three rescued dogs and enjoy meeting and connecting with customers at Tree and Vine, many of whom quickly become friends!
"While our products are Mediterranean inspired, many have strong ties to our area. We are also conscious of the environment. We use recycled paper products, and encourage our customers to return with a formerly purchased bottle for a discount on their purchase."
Read More Here:
Metro Wines is a local business that supports the community. We are not an online retailer offering "zoom" tasting to sell you wine online, not a retailer proclaiming that we have "natural" or "dry farmed" or wines with history and that we are the only shop that has such access. You can taste great wine LIVE "at the bar" and "on the house" everyday of the week. Build your knowledge, build your experiences and help to build your community. Shop locally!
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
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Monday, 01 April 2024 11:23

Pinot Noir Wine Tasting

iStock 000026109155XSmall
News Release: April 1, 2024
About: Pinot Noir Wine Tasting
Warmer days are rolling into Asheville. Diverse menus transition us from winter to summer. You have enough to think about. You need a versatile wine that can work most of the time with almost anything. You need Pinot Noir! 
Join us on Thursday, April 18th from 4 to 6 pm to taste four different versions of Pinot Noir "at the bar" and "on the house" with Rory Muldoon of Grapevine Distribution. No reservations necessary!
"On the Taste"
Longboard RRV Pinot Noir (Russian River, California)
Tassajara Monterey Pinot Noir (Monterey, California)
Torii Mor Pinot Noir (Dundee, Oregon)
Maison Joseph Drouhin Bourgogne Rouge (Beaune, France)
All wine available for purchase or order by the case with a 15% discount.
Metro Wines is a local business that supports the community. We are not an online retailer offering "zoom" tasting to sell wine online. You can taste great wine LIVE "at the bar" and "on the house" everyday of the week. Build your knowledge, exploration of wine and build YOUR community.
Gina Trippi: Contact for MetroWines
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Tuesday, 26 March 2024 11:56

Grovewood Gallery Sip and Shop

Grovewood Gallery
Sponsored by MetroWines, Grovewood Gallery will celebrate the beginning of spring with two delightful days of demos, discounts, and wine on April 5 and 6 from 11am – 5pm. MetroWines will be pouring wines to taste "on the house" from 11 to 4 both days!. The gallery offers two floors of finely crafted furniture, jewelry, ceramics, glass, and more by over 350 artists and craftspeople from around the United States.
During this annual “Sip & Shop” event, gallery merchandise will be 10% off (excludes Lyman Whitaker sculptures), and local artist demonstrations will take place on both days. Shoppers can also enjoy complimentary drinks and tasty treats. Guests looking to round out their experience can enjoy brunch next door at ELDR and visit the Estes-Winn Antique Car Museum, also located in Grovewood Village. This event is open to the public and free to attend.
Saturday, 23 March 2024 16:44

Garden Party Wine Tasting!

iStock 000010033875XSmall
April 11th 4-6pm
Garden Party: Sustainable Wines for Spring
Please join us for an in store tasting with Juniper Cooper of Johnson Brothers-Mutual Distributing of North Carolina. We will be featuring 4 wines from across the globe that exemplify the standards of both ecological and social sustainability. From New Zealand to Chile and Willamette to the Piedmont, each of these exceptional wines typify the beauty of the regions and creative talents of each winemaker. Chosen with thoughts of the Spring Farmer's Markets and backyard get togethers that we are all eagerly looking forward to, we look forward to sharing these wines with you. And expect home baked bites to pair with the wines!

Araldica Gavi 
Westmount Pinot Gris 
Dashwood Pinot Noir 
Miguel Torres Cordillera Carmenere

Tasting is "at the bar" and "on the house"
Saturday, 16 March 2024 19:15

Wine Tours to France

TOURS: with Jean Christian Rostagni
May 17  - June 1st,   2024
4 Spots available (sell out risk HIGH)
This tour is the most artistic one, it is the tour where my previous life as a photographer exudes most. We spend 4 nights in Arles, which is to photography what Cannes is to Cinema, and there we stay in unique hotels created by the art philanthropist who created the foundation Luma and these hotels to go with it. And then later in the tour we visit my mentor Denis Brihat, a world renowned photographer, one of the very few if not the only member of the great generation still alive. We are talking of somebody who knew Picasso in Antibes, Jean Cocteau, and was friend with all the great photographers from that golden age, including Henri Cartier Bresson or Robert Doisneau. We are in the circle of photography’s Royalty.
And then this tour pinacles for 6 nights in a 16th century castle, we have dinner there 4 of these nights in their gastronomic restaurant that presents a rare cuisine centered on vegetal, with a strong emphasis of the products coming from their own organic garden on location. The whole hotel is run around an organic approach for living, including the marvelous beddings. The owner is retired from the company he created around organic products.
There are currently 7 participants in this tour, and the price will be, per person based on double occupancy, airfare and travel insurance are additional: $7,700 if 11 participants, $7,950 if 10 participants, $8,240 if 9 participants, $8,590 if 8 participants
June 15 - 28,   2024
4 Spots available, until April 15.
My Bordeaux selection is second to none, and in this tour I offer, in brilliant company, to explore and understand all the complexity of Bordeaux. I can do this with the help of my second, Serge Opillard, a Sommelier of Sommeliers, with extremely rare talent and knowledge of bdx. Serge has a good part of responsibility in the quality of my selection in Bdx. We stay 10 nights in the center of town, in its gorgeous golden triangle, and really life is good, visiting a different wine maker every day in the country side and walking from the hotel to a restaurant in town for dinner. All at the time when linden trees are blooming, and distill their enchanting scent on the town.
There are currently 8 participants in this tour, and the price will be, per person based on double occupancy, airfare and travel insurance are additional: $6,420 , if 12 travelers, $6,600 if 11 Travelers, $6,820 if 10 Travelers, $7,080 if 9 Travelers.
Sept 27 - Oct 11,  2024
8 Spots available
This is my newest tour, a totally unique wine tour in the gorgeous region also known as Languedoc. This is an expedition in France’s Deep South, a sliver actually of Occitanie, one tucked between the rather wild Southern Central Mountains, and the coastal plains.
The wine culture runs deep there, the climate, the soil and the relative wine making freedom in a region where appellations are not as restrictive as in other parts of France, has allowed a rather high concentration of hyper talented vintners, busy at pushing the boundaries of wine making. White or red, I promise wines and characters of legend, accommodations evoking sophisticated oasis in the wilderness, and all in all, a trip in a part of France out of this world and not exempt of mystic. For folks interested in wine pioneering, this is the new frontier for French wines. To understand that this is not hyperbole: one of my producers there has beaten Chateau Petrus in a blind tasting competition.
There are currently 5 participants in this tour, and the price will be, per person based on double occupancy, airfare and travel insurance are additional: $6.250 if 13 participants, $6,390 if 12 participants, $6,560 if 11 participants, $6,765 if 10 participants, $6,960 if 9 participants, $7,265 if 8 participants, $7,660 if 6 or 7 participants.
WHY Contrast Tours? Jean Christian Says:
* They beat cruises and even small barge cruises by offering nicer accommodation, and above all a much fuller immersion in France and its culture. At the end of a day a cruise promotes people staying among themselves, and the wine experiences remain formulaic.
* Previous tour goers tell me that they particularly enjoy traveling with a native who also is fully attuned to American culture, and therefore can bridge the gap between them and the French, notably in terms of language, culture, customs.
* Uniquely, I also import and distribute the wine from the producers we visit. So people can keep purchasing here the wine they discovered and fell in love with in France. And this also explains why the producers go out of their way to welcome my travelers with unparalleled warmth and attention.
More Information and Booking:
Thursday, 14 March 2024 18:04

5 Star Review for a Metro Wines Tasting!

5 Star Review for a wine tasting with Andy Hale!
I attended a wine tasting here that was won at an auction. My friend won, and the experience was delightful, and doubly delightful, as the item was donated to the Asheville Music School. Full disclosure: I am a board member there. So thank you so much to Metro Wines for the donation, but this will be a review of my experience, unbiased, regardless of whether the experience was donated, because my friend did pay for the experience. She just happened to invite me!

This was one of the most delightful evenings we have had in Asheville a long time. I’ve attended so very many wine tastings, having lived in San Francisco for 10 years and frequenting the wine country on many weekends. In addition, we have friends in Long Island, and we go to the wineries up there, and we have been to Châteauneuf de Pape region and had wine tastings in France, and even enjoy the North Carolina Vineyards, because they are fun with their muscadines and scuppernongs and their small town goodness. I’ve also attended tastings with food pairings and tastings where the experience is focused on a particular producer or maker, or even varietal. An evening with Antinori or Caymus for example. So I guess I’m trying to say this was not my first rodeo.

Somehow, though, Andy Hale at Metro managed to make the whole experience feel fresh and interesting. He chose some really unusual varietals and smaller boutique Vineyards and wine makers, and as such, created a delightful experience of wines that I normally would not have sought. So kudos to his choices, but also kudos to his presentation, his sense of humor, his style. We are a group of Gen Xers, a bit jaded, still hopeful. We are artists and community activists, readers and poets, tech nerds and lobbyists. We have all lived in Asheville for decades. The “newcomer“ having lived here 17 years. Together the eight of us collectively have lived in Asheville over 160 years. I know that’s an odd way to put it, but we all have so much history in this town. That said, we can be a bit rowdy, sassy, interruptive, etc. So Andy handled that element as well. His sense of humor matched ours, his timing matched ours. He met us where we were.

I emcee a lot of of the events, and I’m on mic a lot, and I am a semi-retired college professor, and I understand if you’ve got a crowd/room that is talkative, it’s difficult to capture their attention and still be interesting. Andy managed to do this with grace and humor, and he still managed to educate us on a lot of the wines. He was a perfect fit for our group.

Also, at a lot of past wine tastings, often the same information is recycled over and over again. Not so here. Andy’s stories were interesting, delving into the actual producers, notes on biodynamic wines, stories about the makers. My only complaint, and it’s a Picayune one, is it would be great to have just a couple of more slices of cheese. Since the cheese was pairing so beautifully with the whites at the beginning (especially the wines he introduced us to that straddled the Swiss border) everybody gobbled up their cheese on the first two tasting. Perhaps leave those cheeses out for the whites with the crackers, and then bring in something a little bit different for the reds to prevent the group from eating all of the cheese with the white pairings.
Regardless, bravo Andy and Metro Wines! What a fun event!

And thanks for supporting youth music education through your donation to the auction.
black bird
The Blackbird Presents "A Spring Celebration Dinner' with Metro Wines and Juniper Cooper of Johnson Brothers/Mutual Distributing of North Carolina.
Please join us on Monday, March 25th, 6:30 at The Blackbird, 47 Biltmore Ave in downtown Asheville, for a special dinner to celebrate the advent of the Spring season in conjunction with celebrating Women's History Month. This 5-Course celebration has been designed with produce and edible creations from our local female led farms and kitchens. In addition, we are fortunate enough to be joined by several of these local farm partners who will talking about their journeys and experiences/farming ethos with the courses that feature their products. In addition, each course will be  paired with a wine selection from sustainably certified, female-led wineries from around the world.
The evening begins at 6:30pm with a Bubbly Welcome Pour paired with an amuse and will then continue with 4 courses, dessert, and paired wines.

Welcome Bite: Pickled Cucumber, Cherries, Goat Cheese
1st Course: Cream of Asparagus Soup, Crispy Leeks
2nd Course: Honey Lemon Shredded Brussel Salad, Clementines, Blue Cheese, Walnuts 
3rd Course: Seared Snapper, Collards, Fermented Lemon, Beurre Blanc
4th Course: Braised Rabbit, Parsnip Puree
Dessert: Chef Carol's Creation
Bette Bradford of Bradford Farms (collards, produce) - 3rd Course
Lauri Newman-Waters of Farm Girl (edible flowers)  - 4th Course
Carole Miller of The Blackbird, former owner of Sweet Confections (dessert) - Dessert Course
Additional Local Women-Led Producers Featured 
Fermenti (fermented lemon) 
Asheville Bee Charmer (honey)
Goat Lady Dairy (cheese)
**menu subject to change based on seasonal vagaries
Monday, March 25th at 6:30pm
The evening is $125 (non-inclusive of tax and gratuity) and the wines will be available the same week through Metro Wines. Seating is limited so please reserve your seat by calling 828-254-2502 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Saturday, 09 March 2024 08:52

How to Research Your Roots


Ciao Asheville Presents:

"Following the Footsteps: Discovering Your Ancestor's Homeland"

With Rhonda Roederer, Genealogist

Wednesday, April 10, 5:30pm at Metro Wines, 169 Charlotte Street

Join Ciao Asheville and Metro Wines as we team up with Rhonda Roederer, genealogist and founder of Heritage With Heart. Rhonda will take you on an inspiring journey as you learn to trace your lineage back to your ancestor's home. She’ll touch on how to navigate historical paths and uncover your family narrative so that you can experience the adventure of a lifetime by following in the footsteps of your ancestors and forging life-changing connections along the way.

Rhonda will discuss when and why the Italians immigrated to the US and how to locate key documents on finding your ancestor's Italian village of origin. You’ll learn how to use this information to plan a trip to Italy or your family’s homeland to discover your family’s roots and possibly meet distant family members. Rhonda will share key information to "know before you go". While she will focus on Italy and Germany for this presentation, the information Rhonda shares can apply to any ethnic travel!

$30 + tax. Includes a glass of red or white wine and snacks and DOOR PRIZES!

Seating Limited to 20. Click HERE or call Metro Wines at 828-575-9525. 


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About Rhonda Roederer

Rhonda Roederer has been following her passion for family history for over 30 years, in particular, researching her German roots.

A Louisiana native, Rhonda now lives in North Carolina and is a full-time professional genealogist and educator. She is the Founder of Heritage With Heart and her experiences are diverse: uncovering family mysteries, writing heritage cookbooks, organizing large family events, and reuniting adoptees with their birth families.

As an educator, Rhonda has presented a wide array of seminars and workshops for numerous historical societies, conferences, libraries and on the international stage at the world’s largest genealogical conference, RootsTech.

Her approach is unique in that she shares her own case studies which take learners along her personal journeys of family discovery; while giving inspiration to search out their own lost or extended family.

Rhonda’s mission is to help bring families together, both physically and emotionally… one generation at a time.

Thursday, 07 March 2024 14:10

Wilson Daniels Wine Tasting

News Release: Thursday, March 7th, 2024
About: Wilson Daniels Wine Tasting
Please join us on Wednesday, March 27th from 4 to 6pm at Metro Wines on Charlotte Street to taste wines from Wilson Daniels. Our host will be Sommelier Nick Demos of Tryon Distribution. The event is "at the bar" and "on the house" with no reservations required.
We will be tasting:
Bisol Crede Prosecco DOCG 2022 
Familia Torres Pazo Bruxas Albariño 2022 
Peyrassol Commandeurs Rose 2022 
Volpaia Chianti Classico 2021 

Who is Wilson Daniels? "At Wilson Daniels, a thriving, family-oriented community is integral to how we do business, and has been for 40 years. We make decisions that promote the long-term health of our people, and our businesses. Above all, we promote a culture of balance, and collaborate within the industry to create more familial community. As industry leaders, we’re always trying to be better. It’s our responsibility to act in a way that inspires trust and confidence in our company and our prestigious portfolio.

Across select charities, we are very proud to support community initiatives and our employees work together to nominate appropriate charities and organizations to support. These funds are managed by employees who select and distribute donations on a local, regional and national level. Support to charitable efforts includes; Anne-Claude Leflaive Memorial Scholarship, 2020 Wilson Daniels Wine education Scholarship, Habitat for Humanity and The Wounded Warrior Project. Wilson Daniels also supports women in wine." See the list here:

Contact for Metro Wines: Gina Trippi
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