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The Cellar Club

Tuesday, 04 June 2024 09:19
"The Cellar Club"

Showstopper wines for your cellar at a great price! Join our Cellar Club.
Let us select for you a remarkable, curated selection of wines. 
Whether you are seeking to cellar wines for decades or just a short while,
we’ll offer you wines that will improve as they age over your desired time.

We can offer you the most desired wines on the planet including Gaja,
Rousseau, Domaine Romanée Conti, Dominus and more. And, after extensive research, we can also offer you remarkable comparable wines at a fraction
of the price that will refine with a little bottle age.

Metro is an excellent way to discover outstanding wines and build your cellar collection. We can select one or more wines for you whenever you want to expand your collection. Or you can join our Cellar Club to receive two bottles every quarter. Wines you will be proud to place in your cellar. And all at pricing you will like.

Don’t know where to start to build a cellar collection?
We’ll help you set a cellar strategy that will prevent you from overbuying.
And always have a great wine ready for you to drink at its peak.
Call John at (828) 200-6504!