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Support Wine Independence!

Monday, 03 July 2023 08:11
Support Wine Independence This 4th of July and Everyday!
cecione toscana
   This producer has been on our shelves and a best seller since we opened the door. Consistent Quality for the price. But lately, the "Consortium," Italian government lead panel that sets standards for wine has been, shall we say, infiltrated by competing (read: carpetbaggers) producers, outside wineries with BIG money. The newcomers want to change the style of Chianti Classico to be big and fruity. Cecione is one of the last family farmers. Hence, the Consortium has decided that the Cecione wine, although exactly the same quality, same high ratings (93) as previous years, cannot be called Chianti Classico, cannot be called Chianti at all! Witness the new label. But a bit of a backfire for the "Consortium." Without the Chianti Classico label, this wine, the same Chianti Classico wine, is less expensive! So there!

   The Cecione family is one of only 3 families that were working the land when Chianti Classico became a designation! The winery is still worked by the family and with a mere 4 hectares dedicated to viticulture. Wine made from grapes grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides in the vineyard. Certified organic.

    Truth be told, there is so much injustice in the world and, for most of it, we are helpless to fight back. But here, we have the power to show the "Consortium"  that they are probably political, pointless and passé. Buy Cecione! Exercise the bang of your buck, literally.
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