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New to Metro Wines: Bridget Kelly

Thursday, 16 November 2023 15:02
IMG 4810
Bridget in Ireland
MetroWines continues to expand and embolden our woman power! Meet Bridget Kelly, our new Sales Consultant. Bridget and I both took the road less traveled and, in the end, as the Robert Frost poem says, it made all the difference.
From Sioux City, Iowa, Bridget rolled on to Kansas City, Missouri, where she studied at Kansas City Art Institute, to Sonoma, California where she lived in a 1967 Yellow Stone Cavalier Trailer amongst vineyards with her husband and 3 dogs, to Truckee California and Lake Tahoe, then 5 weeks traveling around the US, 5 weeks in Ireland, Scotland and France, and finally settling in Asheville. Bridget has a wide cultural and geographic outlook!
Along the road, Bridget started with a paper route at 12, later owned a  floral design business, worked in the Fremont Diner, a well known roadside stop where she was photographed at the register for "O" The Oprah Magazine,  and Uncorked Wine Bar in Sonoma. Bridget was also a blacksmith and a welder, with an anvil tattoo to prove it, a private chef, with a chef's knife tattoo to prove it, ran spotlights for a theater, did her share of office cubicle work and had a shirt with her name on it at an auto shop.  All that adds up to a broad professional perspective as well.
Bridget has two other tattoos that define her, a mason jar representing her father's characterization that she had "champagne taste on a mason jar budget" and a shamrock behind her ear because she is Irish and because the tattoo guarantees she is always wearing something green on St. Patrick's Day!
Bridget says her desert island movie is "Stardust" because it is a funny, magical romance story. And to pair with it, Bridget's desert island wine is Bernard Gaucher Champagne because the wine is rich but lively and "reminds you of the fine things in life" (that would be before she ended up on the desert island!)
All of this brings us to the heart of the matter, why did Bridget, with her varied career, settle on wine?  She says "because wine tells an ancient story to which everyone can relate and, wine, all through time, has tied science and art together. But, mostly, the right wine makes your day just that much better." Gina