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Writer's Block and the Super Moon

Whoa. We had a bout with writer's block. But the Super Moon on Sunday cleared the runway for take off! Look at this beast over Kansas City!


What we are noticing in the store is boxes set for shipping! Just yesterday, a nice lady called from out of state and said that she had a wine in a restaurant that she could not find at a shop in her town. She found a posting about this wine on our Wine Blog and called. We are packing her box right now!  And then we ride over to UPS and start the shipping rolling. Bandit and I love UPS! I don't know if the drivers are all the same eveywhere but our guy in Washington DC carried cookies. Oh yes he did. And he knew us. If we would see him on another street, he would say "hey Davenport." That was our street, Davenport! How cool is that? 


Anyway, if you cannot find a wine, call us at 828-575-9525 and if we have it, we will ship it. If you want to send a gift to a friend, call us at 8282-575-9525, and Andy can help you pick a gift and we will ship it! Or if you live out of town and don't have time to shop, call us at 828-575-9525 and we can put together a box for you of wines that meet your interest, taste or event and we will, all together now,  SHIP IT. And if you live up east and you like Eric Solomon Imports, we here in north Carolina can probably beat the price because Eric Solomon is a North Carolina Importer. Call us at 88-575-9525.

You Shop Dog, Cate

Bastide Miraflors 2012
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