When on Winter Break, Make Home Brew!

When on Winter Break, Make Home Brew!

This week began a new semester at AB Tech, which reminded me of just how busy I'd been since we broke for the holidays.  Four weeks is a long time!  I didn't realize how much I missed school until I got back on campus yesterday.  I really do love my classes, my instructors and my classmates.  I can't believe how much we've learned in just one semester, and I'm so excited for this new semester!  But all of this reflecting makes me thinking, what DID I do with my time off?

Most of my break was taken up with extra hours here at the shop, holiday preparations, and lots and lots of food.  I did get a little down time, however, and I used it to brew up a storm!  A few classmates and I got together and came up with a Rye Saison, which was a new recipe for us.  Asheville Brewer's Supply was so helpful with pointing us toward the best rye for the style, and telling us what to look for when working with this adjunct like an oily residue that none of us would have seen coming and to watch out for boil overs even more than usual.  We had to add rice hulls for extra filtration, too.  I'm so glad that they pointed us in the right direction.  

Today we bottled our creation, and it came out fabulously!  The rye adds a little spice, and the saison yeasts impart a fruity quality to the brew.  It has two weeks to bottle condition, and wa-la!  BEER!




Capping Duty!  Note the tasty homebrew in the background ;)


This is the Hydrometer in action.  We started at 1.054 and it fermented down to 1.011 

If that all sounds like latin, no worries!  It roughly translates to a 5% ABV  YAY!

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