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Wedding Wake Up Call

Start the Day Off Right!

Breaking Bread ~2019 Pet Nat ~ Kokomo WinesLight Sparkling "Dry Creek" Zinfandel

Pét Nat, short for Pétillant Naturel, is French for “natural sparkling.”
This method of making sparkling wine pre-dates the traditional champagne method,
where one takes a fully fermented dry wine and adds yeast and sugar to cause
a secondary fermentation. Instead, the Pétillant Naturel method transfers wine
that is still in its first fermentation to the bottle. This allows the native yeast
to continue fermentation within the bottle and produce carbon dioxide
which creates the delicious bubbles we all love.

Passion fruit and Bing cherry come off the nose of this wine with a distinctive,
wet gravel minerality. Lively in your glass, the wine continues to open
to more complex flavors and aromatics. The palate evokes
a traditional Champagne in weight and fineness of bubbles. 
Easy-drinking with fruit forward youth. Fun. Zippy Acidity. 

Not new to shop but when it's right, it's right.


*** WAKE UP ***

"Many wine lovers have yet to get to know the more distinguished
rosés produced stateside."
Teague, Wall Street Journal

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