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Shop Dogs SuperBowl Message


Game Day!!! Beer and wine bottles all over the floor! The licking is good today. Nancho plates left abandoned! Chicken wings between the cushions! Chips. Chips. Chips just everywhere! It is a scavenger's paradise. It's game day, baby. This is a picture of our friend, Buster, taken last year. We suspect you will see him again this way this year.

 We are monitoring the big sellers for this year. Looks like Green Man in bottles, Shania Monastrell in a box, and Pillar Box Red Shiraz Blend from Australia are leading the pack. But, this pitiful photo of Buster reminds us to remind you that a great game day is based on safety first. Please drink responsibly. And secure your four legged family members. And as much as we don't like to say it: be careful not to leave too much around that they can get into. Be safe everyone. Happy Game Day!

Your Shop Dogs, Cate and Bandit

PS: We Are open noon to 5pm today!!

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