Resolve to Drink More Beer in 2015!

Resolve to Drink More Beer in 2015!

Just like a lot of you out there, I’ve spent the weekend evaluating 2014, looking at where I started and where I’ve come, planning what I want to achieve in 2015, and making resolutions.  I can’t remember where I came across this advice, but someone once told me to make a goal for each aspect of my life: Financial, health, career, family, and relationships.  Well, here’s a resolution that covers all of those: Drink beer! 

You probably think I’m joking, but there is actual research to back this up!  I’m not talking about doing keg stands like a frat boy every weekend, but moderate beer consumption has proven benefits that are harder and harder to ignore. 

Financial – That’s a no brainer!  Beer is the cheapest beverage you can order at a restaurant or bar.  If you want to save some serious green, switch to beer with your dinners. 

Health – We hear a lot about the health benefits of red wine, but did you know that beer has a laundry list of benefits as well?  I’m not joking!  It’s true!  There are so many, in fact that the only way I know how to present them is in list form.  Here goes:

  • High in dietary fiber
  • Lower in calories by volume than wine or spirits
  • High B Vitamin content especially B3, B6 and B9
  • Rich source of silicone, which boosts bone health
  • Moderate consumption can ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Boosts HDL (aka good cholesterol) and is cholesterol free
  • Decreases risk of heart disease by 31%
  • Natural blood thinner
  • Boosts artery health
  • Dark beer carries a high iron content, which helps with oxygenating the body
  • Humulone from hops has been linked to lower risk of diabetes, cancer and other diseases

Career – Research shows that having a beer (or two) at lunch will help increase your creativity and productivity at work!  This is not a carte blanche to get hammered, so don’t tell your boss, “Well, Anita said…”!  There are several articles to back this up.  Instead of giving them my email address, just give them these links and keep to the moderation rule!

Family (and I’m going to lump in relationships here, too) – Ok, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that we all face the same sorts of struggles when it comes to our work/life balance.  We have a lot to stress out about, work, finances, our carbon footprint, our ever more crammed schedules…Too often this translates to not enough down time, and when we do catch a breather, we have a hard time shaking off the rest of the world and focusing on those that we love most.  Am I right?  When it gets to that point, a pint can really help break down the barriers between us so we can get to the heart of what matters most: the people that make up our friends and family.  Because nothing really matters that much without them! 

Cheers y’all! Here’s to a Hoppy New Year!

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