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Nikki Calloway on July 24th


In MountainX HERE!

Saturday, June 20th

Nikki Calloway is back @MetroWines
After another successful performance @MetroWines, New Orleans influenced Asheville musician Nikki Calloway (http://nikkicalloway.com/) will be back on guitar on Friday Night, July 24th from 5:30 to 7pm in another "No Cover Friday @MetroWines."  
Anita Riley of "Brewing UP a Storm" (http://www.metrowinesasheville.com/brew-blog) will be tasting out and talking about 4 craft beers and The Asheville School of Wine (http://ashevilleschoolofwine.com/) will have a red and a white "On the Taste." It's a party on Charlotte Street!

About Nikki from Website: Nikki Calloway is a new Asheville, NC artist by way of New Orleans, by way of Atlanta, by way of S. Carolina, Ohio, Germany…. She is a musician, healer, teacher who finds herself guided by Spirit to move around like a minstrel to express what is in her heart, and to inspire others to do the same. A licensed counselor, Nikki has found music to be the path to Peace for many and believes pursuing her musical calling to be an even more important part of her life’s work.


Nikki describes herself as “so many things when it comes to ethnicity” and influences. Her original influences in her youth were all R&B but a little later on in life, when friends introduced her to folk music, Nikki was inspired to break her boundaries and to “develop and go beyond what I had been taught I should be.” Her musicianship grew when she began honoring everything that she was interested in and capable of doing.


When Nikki really started exploring who she is and what she can do as an artist, she found herself to be “a folk/R&B/acoustic singer/songwriter with a sultry jazz flavor in there.” She credits the Indigo Girls as her biggest inspirations and guides because their music “speaks of compassion and gratitude, and social justice,” all very important themes for Nikki as well.



Contact: Gina Trippi or Anita Riley

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