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Maddy Magoo Animal Rescues



Our shop is hosting a Benefit Book Signing for Lois Chazen, author of "Maddy Magoo's Animal Rescues, Tugen." thee will be food, music, wine tasting and the illustrator will be here with signed prints of really cool dudes. We are proud to announce that the proceeds go to support the life saving work of The Goat Mountain Sanctuary and Asheville Humane Society. In friendship, Your Shop Dogs.

About Tugen, the first book in the Maddy Magoo's Animal Rescues series by Lois Chazen

A baby bird named Tugen is lost, alone and wandering the streets of the city until animal lovers find him a safe home at an animal rescue sanctuary. He quickly adopts Lulu, the hen, as his mother, and the discovery of life's lessons begins. Other animals Tugen meets include Darla and Fiona the sheep; Hugh, a majestic rooster; pot-bellied pigs named Buddy and Rosie; Shrek the donkey; and Pearl, a handicapped miniature horse. It is through these animals that Tugen is able to understand abandonment, instincts, self-identity, patience, uniqueness, agreements, assumptions, honor, respect, boundaries, love, gratitude, appreciation, and self-transformation. Inspired in part by The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, Maddy Magoo's Animal Rescues:Tugen is written about actual animals residing at Goat Mountain Sanctuary near Asheville, North Carolina. Tugen's journey teaches us that through our hearts we will discover, that love is truly the answer.

Written by Lois Chazen. Illustrated by Sandee Johnson. Available in hard cover, paper back and e-book format.


Maddy Magoo's Animal Rescues

Maddy Magoo's Animal Rescues is a series of children's books that will inspire the entire family with true-to-life animal rescue stories-each book features a different species. What better way for kids to learn about life, than through the voice of the animals? A portion of the proceeds from each book will benefit non-profit animal rescue organizations, from which these stories originate. Our mission is to assist those human beings who selflessly save the lives of the animal beings. May all animals find their happily-ever-after home!

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