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I Am Not Aquilops

Cate here. Let's get this straight. I am not an Aquilops nor am I a descendent of an Aquilops. While I admit there is some minor, I say minor, resemblance in the long body, long legs, pointed nose and coloring, there is no genetic link! None. This Aquilops is the size of a rabbit. I am a greyhound. 'nough said there. Anyway, here is the story by Traci Watson in USA Today about Aquilops called "Small Dinosaur that inspires AWW" meaning AWW, ain't she cute:

But it also has some serious natural-history chops. At roughly 105 million years old, Aquilops is the continent's oldest definitive member of the group known as horned dinosaurs. Scientists think that either Aquilops or one of its close ancestors migrated from Asia to the New World, wandering North America eons before iconic horned dinosaurs such as Triceratops arrived on the scene.

Whole Story HERE!

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