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Grove Park House Tour


This is our friend, Franque (pronounced "Frank -KAY") whatever. Anyway, this is Franque last year at the Grove Park Neighborhood House Tour trying to break in on the tour. Of course, he failed. Rather than trying to look the part, Franque just went for it straight on. We are working on a plan now to get in those doors! But even if we don't you can. Buy tickets on line at www.gpsmna.org or stop in our shop to pay cold, hard cash. Your Shop Dogs


Seriously? Really? This is Bill. We met him on vacation last year. THIS is his idea of how to break in on the tour. Look like a tourist. Really? This is exactly why we cannot gain admittance to Ivy League Schools not to mention the door know principle. Really Bill?




OK. That's what I talkin' about. This is Hammish. He knows how to drive a deal.



But in the end, thoughtfulness and kindness (read kissin' up) won the day. Preston came up with the idea of giving Suzanne, the Grove Park Neighborhood House Tour Master Planner! a gift. I think he might just get inside! In any case, kudos Preston. 


Sofia Coppola