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Dogs Found Dumped, Dead of Gunshot Wounds

Story was reported in The Asheville Citizen Times today, March 24th. HERE.

Brother Wolf has issued a reward for evidence leading to capture of the perpetrator and MetroWines has sent this Letter to the Editor. 


Dear Editor:

How many more stories (March 24th) do we need to read like "Dogs found dumped, dead of gunshot wounds?"

Animal abuse is not an insignificant crime. Acts of cruelty are collected along with felonies including arson, burglary and homicide in the FBI database.

What can we do? First, make animal cruelty a felony. Once the perpetrator is caught, 

the prosecutor should seek the strongest penalty and, upon conviction, the court should so decree.

North Carolina should also consider a registry of animal abusers. Concerned citizens, parents, 

and businesses should know the identity and the whereabouts of these criminals.

Because, studies show, they will go further. They will do more.

S. Gina Trippi

Asheville, North Carolina

  Calling on friends to help stop the abuse. Your Shop Dog, Bandit.

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