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Carolyn Adams is Ruthless


Friday, July 31st, 7:00pm until.....

MetroWines presents Carolyn Adams Comedy and Booksigning @MetroWines on another "No Cover Friday"!! 

Join us for 30 fast and furious minutes of Carolyn's best stand up with Tom Emmons and then talk one on one with Carolyn about her first novel "Ruthless" published In NYC by Simon and Schuster. Carolyn will have a stash of books with her and be ready to sign. MetroWines will have a Red and White out "On the Taste" and Anita Riley of "Drink Like a Girl" will be tasting out 4 beers. 

 About the Author from Amazon:

Carolyn Lee Adams is originally from the Seattle area, which is known for serial killers and those who write about them. She attended USC film school and graduated with a BFA in screenwriting. Ruthless is her debut novel. When she isn’t exploring the dark side of human nature in her writing, you’ll find her on stage as a stand-up comedian. Because those things go together.


By Carolyn Lee Adams

(Pulse; ISBN 9781481422628; 7/14/15; Summer 2015 catalog)




From Publisher's Weekly" In Adams’s thrilling, horror-tinged debut, 17-year-old Ruth Carver refuses to be a victim even after she is abducted by a disturbed man she names “Wolfman,” severely injured, and taken to a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Ruth is told that no one is looking for her—Wolfman intends to break Ruth psychologically and then kill her as he did six other redheads who he deemed needed to be punished. She narrowly escapes his grasp, but then is faced with surviving the wilderness as he hunts her down. When the tables turn, Ruth must determine the extent to which she will seek retribution. Readers will feel completely submerged in Ruth’s first-person, present-tense narrative, which alternates with third-person chapters that provide glimpses into Ruth and Wolfman’s pasts. Though Adams focuses primarily on Ruth’s will to escape her captor within the present, it’s clear that these past experiences have helped form her inner core of resilience. An intense and unsettling survival story.


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