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ALDF: That's What They Do.

Three years ago, a trainer in Florida intentionally killed greyhounds by putting tape around their mouths. The case was assigned to a young but talented and devoted prosecutor. ALDF offered guidance and advice to the prosecutor who slammed it home.  In what was an unprecedented sentence at the time, the defendant was sentenced to five years in prison. Nothing brings back our friends but this case is a warning shot. Thank you ALDF for sharing your experience and expertise. That's What They Do. Your Shop Dogs

Two of the survivors, Grady and Quake and being shored up for months and finally sent to a loving home in Illinois to be friends together always.


News story here:

Chipley- After a year into the case of accused greyhound killer Ronald Williams, finally there's some justice for animal rights activists nationwide.

Investigators said last October, he abused and neglected 42 dogs, with most of them dying from their injuries.

"When you find some psychopath like that, my God, the animals are helpless," said Chipley resident Don Gray.

Williams since appeared at several pre-trial hearings before deciding to enter a plea of "no contest" Thursday.

Circuit Judge Christopher Patterson asked Williams several questions, then accepted his plea to 39 counts of felony animal abuse.

"It is the sentence of this court that you are to serve five years in the Florida Department of Corrections on each and every count, those to be served concurrent to one another," Patterson told Williams.

As he was leaving the courtroom, Williams said one more thing to Judge Patterson.

"Thank you sir, you have a nice day," said Williams.

Williams received the maximum sentence allowed under state law. His attorney said he plans to appeal the judge's earlier ruling denying a motion to dismiss the case on a constitutional basis.



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