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Socially Distant Weddings are ON

Socially Distant Weddings Continue!

And this Rosé is perfect for Summer:

Hey Virus! Back at YOU. 
It's Still Summer.
And We are Still Pounding the Porch!

Tegernseerhof Mittelbach Zweigelt Rosé U.V. | Wine Info
100% Zweigelt. The beautiful coral pink, onion skin color is mouth watering.
The bright, fruit-filled nose is filled with delicate cherry and red currant notes.
The crisp, refreshingly dry, light to medium-bodied palate is perfectly balanced
and showcases the fresh cherry and delicate red currant flavors. Elegant. Delightful.
There is also a slight watermelon note that makes it perfect for summer sipping
and a great pairing with barbecued shrimp.  A definite crowd pleaser.

The 2019 is $13.99

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Guilhelm Rosé

Pink Diamonds

14.83-Carat Pink Diamond; 'The Spirit of the Rose'; Could Be a ...

The source of their pink color is greatly debated in the gemological world
but it is most commonly attributed to enormous additional pressure
that these diamonds undergo during their formation.

The price can range from thousands of dollars to $multi millions.
The price leads to questions about provenance and, sometimes, consequent litigation. 
The son of a high-flying Italian senator, Amadeo Angiolillo,
was due to take Christie’s to court in NYC over the sale of one of the world’s
most expensive diamonds, which he claims was stolen from his family.  
This case is a mess involving family intrigue, alleged deception,
lots of money and the Qatari Royal Family. Stand by for an update.

But if you are just in the market for a dreamy pink color,
our advice is to stay away from the treacherous diamond market
and buy a French Rosé like this one:

*** Guilhem Rosé 2019 ***
40%Grenache, 40%Cinsault and 20%Carignan

Mas de Daumas Gassac Moulin de Gassac Guilhem Rosé 2019 | Wine Info
From the Languedoc hillsides, this wine captures
the essence of Southern France and THAT color.

*** $11.99 ***

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OK. You (me) could definitely sit and watch this stuff ALL day long.
No crime there. Do it. But you can DO GOOD while loafing!

Lucia 2019 Lucy Rose Santa Lucia Highlands Herman Story 2015 Rose ...

WINERY TASTING NOTES: Born from the cold and windy slopes of the Santa Lucia Highlands,
the 2019 Lucy Rosé reflects a true sense of place as its pale grapefruit hue catches the light
with each swirl in the glass. Just as sea meets land a short distance north, crisp notes of salinity and sea air mingle and dance with delicate aromas of fresh strawberry, orange peel,
and peach blossom. Gentle pressing combined with minimal skin contact produces this rosé
of distinct purity; one which, when paired with neutral barrel aging, creates additional texture
that offers a complexity not available in most wines of its type. With bracing, refreshing acidity,
Lucy is a wonderful accompaniment to flavorful foods and friendly conversation.


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Celine&Co. and MetroWines Press Release


News Release: Wednesday, 24th, 2020
About: Celine and Company and MetroWines Partner on Dinners
We are partnering with Celine and Company on their new Pop Up restaurant, The Hideaway "On Broadway" opening this Thursday, June 25th.  Celine and Company is known for extraordinary, international cuisine and the reputation is well deserved.
"If you have not been to Celine and Company, the space is quite large," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines. "Social distancing is eminently do-able!"
You are invited to shop your wines at MetroWines and bring the bottle to dinner. For a minimal corkage fee, staff will take care of everything, the chilling, the pouring, the cleaning up! We will have the menu and be ready to pair the perfect wine for you.
The Hideaway “On Broadway “ will open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 4:30pm to 9:30pm through August 1. The menu will change weekly.
The Hideaway "On Broadway" will also have live music most evenings. This Saturday, June 27th, Asheville Favorite Tom Leiner is playing! 
Reservations are available by calling us at 828-254-9902, also thru email at or thru our

Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi

Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Hit the Virtual Road with Cantayano

The pet suitcase: 12 Items to pack for your dog – SheKnows

Start Planning Travel Now!

First Step in immersion is to get a head start NOW vicariously.
Call our Vicarious Travel Expert,
Andy Hale, Director of The Asheville School of Wine,
and plan a customized class!

(828) 575-9525

The planning process calls for a wine that is exciting, slightly exotic but mainstream.
You must remain reasonable and keep your wits about you yet stretch.
Both Brett and Andy agree this bottle of white is the ONE!

Cantayano Verdejo 2017 

Cantayano 2017 | Vino blanco | Isaac Cantalapiedra Viticultor

This delivers a deep, complex bouquet with bags of personality, revealing a nose of pear,
peach stone, wild fennel, beeswax, saline and a nice herbal touch of lemongrass.
On the palate, wine is pure, focused and very full-bodied for Verdejo, with a rock solid core, excellent minerality, fresh acidity and outstanding length yet with a youthful finish.

You may call young winemaker, Manuel Cantalapiedra, a rebel or even a freedom fighter
but most importantly he is a farmer with a clear vision for the style of Verdejo he wants
to make in Castilla y Leon. He shares a passion for this grape with his father, who he named
the winery after, and with his neighbors, but this is where the common interest ends
and the rebellion begins. Harvesting later, organically and from single vineyard plots,
his wines demonstrate power and finesse in equal measure. 

*** $19.99 ***

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Andy Hale Talks Summer Wines


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50 Degrees N Sparkling

From the Metro Wines Real Estate Department
The entrance to this Beverly Hills Spec House includes a 15 foot waterfall.
Asking $39 Million.

Turns out the Virus is generating "a lot of interest" as people have realized
they might be inside their houses "for a while." Of course! Build a waterfall!

We think we can give you the same feeling for a lot less!
Cool. Clean. Sparkling. Dry. Exciting. Gorgeous in glass!
Latitude 50 N Sekt Trocken Rosé RheingauThis is an extraordinarily unique blend of Portugeiser, Dornfelder and Pinot Noir.
It has a bright, fragrant nose, super creamy mousse with pretty strawberry fruit flavors accented by a hint of lemon zest and a dry, refreshing finish.
It is great on its own, but has the body to complement a variety of foods,
making it an excellent and versatile choice for entertaining

or substituting for a waterfall.

Teaching Moment: Portugeiser: A red Austrian, Slovenian wine and German wine grape found primarily in the Rheinhessen, Pfalz and wine regions of Lower Austria and Slovenia. Despite its name, there is no evidence that the varietal is from Portugal. Usually results in a DRY red wine.

From Savio Saores Selections $16.99

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Wedding Wake Up Call

Start the Day Off Right!

Breaking Bread ~2019 Pet Nat ~ Kokomo WinesLight Sparkling "Dry Creek" Zinfandel

Pét Nat, short for Pétillant Naturel, is French for “natural sparkling.”
This method of making sparkling wine pre-dates the traditional champagne method,
where one takes a fully fermented dry wine and adds yeast and sugar to cause
a secondary fermentation. Instead, the Pétillant Naturel method transfers wine
that is still in its first fermentation to the bottle. This allows the native yeast
to continue fermentation within the bottle and produce carbon dioxide
which creates the delicious bubbles we all love.

Passion fruit and Bing cherry come off the nose of this wine with a distinctive,
wet gravel minerality. Lively in your glass, the wine continues to open
to more complex flavors and aromatics. The palate evokes
a traditional Champagne in weight and fineness of bubbles. 
Easy-drinking with fruit forward youth. Fun. Zippy Acidity. 

Not new to shop but when it's right, it's right.


*** WAKE UP ***

"Many wine lovers have yet to get to know the more distinguished
rosés produced stateside."
Teague, Wall Street Journal

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Wedding Perfect Gruner Veltliner

BIG "White" DEAL of The WEEK
Familie Bauer Gruner Veltliner 

Tasting Games: Grüner Veltliner | Austrian Wine

Perhaps no wine says late Spring/Early summer like Gruner Veltliner.
Fresh and fruit forward with a hint of effervescence. Featuring zippy, high toned fruit
and minerality busting out all over. Grapes grown organically
in the centuries old rich soil near the Danube River make for a wine
that presents crisp acidity and solid citrus flavor with a touch of white pepper.
Food friendly but also super easy drinking. 

Litre for $14.99 @MetroWines

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Go RAW for Your Wedding

*** Edible Garden ***
You still have time to build a garden that YOU CAN EAT!

All those herbs and most delicious vegetables.
let's select something versatile and earthy.

Really Awesome Wine – Organic & Vegan
RAW made its debut @MetroWines last year. Smashing Success.
You bought more than 10 cases. Very popular. Good news! New vintage is IN.
RAW has no additives and no manipulation.
Pale pink in glass, aromas and palate of strawberries, raspberries and white flowers.

Made in Spain. $15.99 @MetroWines!

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Keeping Your Name? Is there really a question?

DEAR ABBY: I'm in my mid-30s and have just been married for the first time. I chose not to take my husband's last name for several reasons. I have a child from a previous relationship who shares my name; I have a unique name that I love; and I am established in a career in which name recognition is important. I am also an older bride. Unfortunately, I didn't discuss it with my husband before the wedding, although I did explain my reasoning later.

We participate in a lot of activities as a couple where our names are written out, and people often ask me why I have a different last name. My husband is really bothered by it and hates when people bring it up. I want to make him happy and make these situations less uncomfortable, but I refuse to change it. Am I being unreasonable? How do I approach these awkward situations? Should I take his name in social situations but just not legally? -- LOVING MY NAME IN PENNSYLVANIA


DEAR LOVING: Many women these days have more than one identity and more than one name. If you are asked in a social situation why you didn't adopt your husband's name, an appropriate response would be that you are established in your career and felt changing it would be disruptive. However, I see nothing wrong with allowing yourself to be identified as "Janie Smith" ("Howard Smith's" wife) on invitations, place cards, etc. if you're OK with that. While most men these days would not be bothered by the fact that you have different names, it may make your husband feel better, and you might even come to like it.


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Rosé and the Whole Picture

And We Will NOT Let You, Virus, Delay Spring!

Lindsey Taylor has designed this "May Bouquet"
of Japanese Ranunculus and a bit of Larkspur,

May’s inspiration for @wsjoffduty Gerhard Richter’s ‘Ella’ (2007), from the temporarily closed exhibit @metbreuer “Gerhard Richter: Painting After All” His love of blurring an image, he’s says,  makes everything equally important and unimportant. Arrangement photo @meredithheuerphotog #vessels by @tracie_hervy and @mybloomist #gerhardrichter #metbreuermuseum photographed @atlasnewburgh flowers @dutchflowerline_nyfg #ranunculus #larkspur Flowers for Mother’s Flowers for All 🌸
to capture the colors of "Ella"
a 2007 painting by Gerhard Richter.

Ella [163] » Art » Gerhard Richter

And to complete the scene:

Beaujolais-Villages Rosé Vintage - Laurent Gauthier
"A dry and crisp rose wine made with Gamay grapes. Gamay from Beaujolais
with fruitiness, a balanced acidity and minerality, is a perfect varietal to make
a dry French Rose. The nose is very savory, characterized with red berries
and candy notes freshly picked. Finish is fresh and elegant." Winemaker

Out of Stock at TrinagleWine online
but just as well because it was $17.99
$14.99 @MetroWines

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Laurel of Asheville: Pets Off the Wagon

From The Laurel of Asheville

The Grapevine: Pets Off the Wagon

Grapevine: Pets off the Wagon!

By Gina Trippi

Not a lot of research has been done on the tipsy pet because most pets find the taste of alcohol unpleasant. Without an opposable thumb and access to the liquor cabinet, how does a pet get into alcohol anyway?

A significant number of pet owners indulge in giving a sip to calm the pet down. And during the chaos of a social gathering, pets can get into mischief, including alcohol. If your pet gets a snoot full, the effect is either a little buzz or, in extreme cases, a trip to a veterinary hospital.

Although your pet is not likely to take more than a sip of wine, certain mixed drinks contain ingredients presenting a sweet taste that might appeal to the pet palate. Sometimes these other ingredients—chocolate, raisins or macadamia nuts, for example—are dangerous in and of themselves. You should also take care to secure household products such as mouthwash or hand sanitizer, both of which contain ethanol. And be careful placing unfinished drinks in the garbage can.

The type of alcohol does not matter. It’s the amount that is of concern. Wine is not necessarily better than bourbon. “Pound for pound, it’s the ethanol that gets you,” says Dr. Christine Ritter of the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. “Light beers are the least dangerous since their alcohol content is less, followed by craft beers, wine, hard liquors and, finally, grain alcohols.”

And watch for hidden sources of alcohol in foods, like certain flavorings, including vanilla and almond, and for spices that might contain essential oils like cinnamon. “That can be irritating to the gastrointestinal tract,” says Dr. Ritter. As the effect of alcohol is governed by weight in humans, so it is in pets. “A dog weighs substantially less and is not used to consuming alcohol,” says Dr. Ritter. “So the processes that break down alcohol are not regulated in a dog in the same way as in a person who consumes alcohol once in a while.”, a website dedicated to all things dog, further explains: “Dog livers aren’t built to process alcohol, and while some dogs may not show any overt signs of distress when imbibing the fruit of the vine, if too much is ingested, serious health problems could arise.” Grapes themselves are known to be extremely toxic to some dogs.

But what happens if your pet does imbibe? Doctors say that the pet could have a gastrointestinal upset and possibly become wobbly. Other symptoms can include increased thirst, increased urination, lethargy and disorientation. In severe cases, you may see muscle tremors, paralysis, extremely slow and shallow breathing, seizure and loss of consciousness.

In mild cases, doctors say pets generally recover with time and no other treatment. But if you think that your pet could have ingested a large amount of alcohol or is starting to show worrisome clinical signs, seek immediate veterinary care. In other words, pets should stay on the wagon!

Gina Trippi is the co-owner of Metro Wines, 169 Charlotte Street in Asheville. Committed to the community, Metro Wines offers big shop selection with small shop service. Gina can be reached at or 828.575.9525.

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Wild Thing Rosé

*** From Carol Shelton ***
Carol Shelton Wild Thing Rendezvous Rosé | Wine Info
Rendezvous with friends over a bottle of chilled dry rosé, the name of our Rendezvous Rosé.
Created from the “pink” juice off of red Carignan grapes a full three days after crushing them,
fermented cold like a white wine to retain every drop of crisp strawberry fruitiness.

Winemaker: Winemaker's Notes: Light cranberry color, juicy strawberry-watermelon
fruit aromas, nice mineral, nice lift of springflowersand fresh zest from cara-cara oranges,
tangy vanilla creme frache on strawberry shortcake! Refreshingly crisp and dry,
mouth-watering actually. Great with almost any food, from sushi to salmon to Bbq!

Don't forget it's Big, Bold Partner!
Wild Thing 2016 Old Vine Zinfandel $21

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Stock up on Rosé

Stock up on Rosé for your wedding now. Hang in there. It's going to happen!
Villa Wolf Pinot Noir Rose, 2018 75cl - Villa Wolf - Rose Wine ...2018 Villa Wolf Pinot Noir Rosé is made with fruit from vineyards farmed expressly for the purpose
of producing a true rosé ( "Weissherbst" in German). Only perfectly ripe, healthy grapes are selected.
Upon harvest the  fruit is given a brief maceration (four to six hours) to extract a lovely salmon color
from the Pinot Noir grapes. Villa Wolf presents explosive aromas and flavors of strawberry,
watermelon, along with plums and raspberry and concludes with a zippy finishes!  

Villa Wolf was part of our Great Rosé Compare&Contrast Tasting Box. Few bottles left. Hurry!
Just over 11% alcohol. $12.99 @MetroWines and Vivino is still looking for it!

 Teaching Moment: A Word About Rosé 2018 and Back:

NYT Wine Critic Eric Asimov says when yo pull a Rosé from last year:
"You thought rosés were only good for summer? That is true for ordinary mass market rosés,
which are not made to last and decline as the first leaves begin to fall.
But well-made rosé not only endures, it improves.
A good wine shop ought to have a selection of these sorts of wines in April."

And David Ridgeway, Head Sommelier, Tourd'Argent in Paris says:
"Rosé wines are growing up. They are becoming drier and more terroir-oriented,
with a capacity to age that had not been explored until now."

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Pet Nat for Your Wedding!

Breaking Bread ~2019 Pet Nat

From the Winery, Kokomo
Pét Nat, short for Pétillant Naturel, is French for “natural sparkling.”
This method of making sparkling wine pre-dates the traditional champagne method,
where one takes a fully fermented dry wine and adds yeast and sugar to cause
a secondary fermentation. Instead, the Pétillant Naturel method transfers wine
that is still in its first fermentation to the bottle. This allows the native yeast
to continue fermentation within the bottle and produce carbon dioxide
which creates the delicious bubbles we all love.

Passion fruit and Bing cherry come off the nose of this wine with a distinctive,
wet gravel minerality. As you look at the wine in your glass it continues to dance
and open up to its more complex flavors and aromatics. The palate on this wine evokes
a traditional Champagne in weight and fineness of bubbles;
however the easy-drinking, fruit forward youth of the wine makes it very quaffable.

Very Limited Distribution. $26 at Kokomo Winery.
$24 @MetroWines

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Rose Granit for Weddings


Image result for rose granit

$24! HURRY! Call (828) 575-9525.
Treat Yourself. Nothing says Peace like Rose Granit!

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Asheville Humane Society Needs Help


Friends, we desperately need your help!! With the uncertainty of COVID-19 Asheville Humane Society is doing our best to ​proactively prepare. In an effort to keep our volunteers and staff healthy, we have ​suspended all volunteer jobs on our animal care campus. ​As a result, our staff is working even harder to ​maintain our high standards of care for the animals on our campus.

We need our community's help!

We are requesting emergency foster homes to provide a respite for our cats and dogs for a minimum of 3-4 weeks. Our priority is to find foster homes for medium-to-large dogs and adult cats. Taking a foster animal home will not only help that individual animal, but it will also help the next animal in need by ensuring we have an open space in the shelter for them. With the new recommendation of social distancing, we anticipate seeing a decline in adoption. If you can't adopt, fostering is the next best way you can help!

We are so fortunate to be part of such an amazingly supportive community in Asheville. Every time we have reached out asking for emergency assistance, your responses have been overwhelming! We would be so grateful for your support now by registering to become an emergency foster parent, TODAY!!!!

If you are willing to foster an adult dog or adult cat for the next 3-4 weeks (minimum), please follow the link below and fill out our emergency foster application *Even if you are already a current Foster for AHS!

Please understand we will be working as hard as we can to respond to everyone and schedule pick-up appointments as quickly as possible, but there may be a delay in our response to your offer of help. Due to the nature of the circumstances, we ask that you please DO NOT arrive without an appointment to pick-up a foster animal. While we greatly appreciate everyone's offer to help, we are asking that all emergency foster homes be within an hour drive of Asheville Humane Society. We urge any potential fosters outside of this distance to reach out to your local shelter to offer help - we are all in desperate need!


Can't Foster?

Please consider donating to our emergency fund to aid us in caring for the animals during this crisis. Any amount helps!

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South African Wine Tasting

News Release: Monday, March 9th, 2020

About: Wine Tasting with Cape Classics Imports from South Africa
Join us on Thursday, April 9th from 5 to 6:30 for a tasting of South African Wines imported by Cape Classics, the Wine Enthusiast 2018 Importer of the Year. This "on the house" event will be hosted by Regional Sales Manager Zingo Munger.
"If you shop @MetroWines, you know Cape Classics Wines including RAATS, DMZ, Glenelly and Indaba," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines. "And Zingo Munger brings stories from the families and winemakers that produce these great wines for the price."
About Cape Classics:
Behind every farm, winemaker, bottle and grape lies an untold story. Collectively, we discover these tales and share them with our customers. Demanding authenticity, Cape Classics operates the “old-fashioned” way, with relationships and social responsibility at the forefront of our business. The wineries we represent embrace sustainable eco and social practices, doing their part to help preserve lands for future generations while improving the human condition now. Our wines are expressive, crafted with passion and perspective, and delivered with the same hallmark levels of service and professionalism since 1992.
Event pricing on all wines poured.
Free, close and easy parking @MetroWines.
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Great Rosé Tasting: April 4th

News Release: Monday, March 9th, 2020

About: Great Rosé Tasting
Monthly Great Rosé Tasting @MetroWines commences on Saturday, April 4th from 10am to 7pm with bottles from around the world. The event is "on the house" and staff will be pouring and discussing the wines. 
"We start this year with a comparison of Rosé with a year of age and current vintages," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines. "Much like any varietal, some bottles of Rosé are built to last and offer a more subtle, refined and sophisticated nose and palate than the just released vintages full of bright fruit."
Rosé is arriving on a daily basis. MetroWines already has new vintages of Rosé from Italy, Corsica, France and Greece. 
Find the country, grape and style you like! There is a Rosé for everybody all year.
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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