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deGrasse Tyson and Shebang

ON January 21st, I had the pleasure of meeting Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
As your Roving Reporter @MetroWines, I seized our collective opportunity
to ask the renowned Astrophysicist about Biodynamic Wine. 
The Astrophysicist (I love saying that! Can you imagine writing "Astrophysicist"
on your tax form)
 said, in essence, that the concept of the wine
being better because of the stars and the moon is (paraphrasing) not a fact.
Sadly, our Astrophysicist Department @MetroWines is on a space sabbatical
but we @MetroWines who were left behind think, you might nevertheless find,
as do we, that biodynamic wines have a better and more solid taste.
Biodynamic wines undergo no processing. The grape is the grape.
The wine is the wine. Every vintage is unique. 

I have issued an open and fervent invitation to Neil deGrasse Tyson
to join us @MetroWines and let's talk wine. Anytime. AnyWine.
If you know him, call him!

Meanwhile, for the Astrophysicist in you:
The Big Bang. The Whole Bang, Shebang

Image result for whole shebang california red

Jancis Robinson Says

"Multi-vintage blend of declassified fruit from Morgan Twain-Peterson
MW's Bedrock Vineyard in Sonoma County. Mainly Zinfandel. Mid ruby.
Thyme, baked, mixed fruit, dusty minerality and some white-pepper tones,
with dark-chocolate and clove hints -- nice depth and complexity
(though not at the level of the Bedrock Vineyard bottling).
Chewy, quite firm tannins, with depth of mixed-berry, savoury,
spicy fruit and a decent-length, chocolate finish.
Classic old-vine Zin blend from a master craftsman."

$14.99 for This Big Bang!

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Klimt, Carmenere and Chardonnay

Italian Authorities Confirm Stolen Klimt Paining
Found IN Wall of Art Gallery in Piacenza


Image result for klimt found in piacenza
No one seems to know how the painting came to be IN the wall.
Call me crazy, but I think I have an idea!

New York Times reported on January 22nd that the painting
has been authenticated but there is still that nagging "what the heck?"

This artistic homecoming calls
for an old grape making a comeback!

*** On the Red ***

"The Ultimate Comeback Kid"
Image result for Carmen carmenere 2017
Winemaker says: A red wine with an intense, violet-ruby color. The bouquet
is fruity with strong plum, cherry, and mulberry notes. The aroma also has
a vegetable edge of ripe red pepper, and the flavor is complex, with jams, spinach,
and chocolate. Barrel aging lends this wine pleasant smoky and toast notes,
bringing out its spices; texture is soft, with rounded tannins and medium body.

James Suckling says: Ample ripeness of red plums and mulberries
with a leafy edge that leads to a firm palate that has central tannins,
carrying wings of red-berry flavor.  90 Points!

For more on the history of Carmenere
from The Asheville School of Wine @MetroWines


*** On the White ***
by Brett Watson of The Asheville School of Wine @MetroWines

Image result for lioco chardonnay 2018
"West Coast Chardonnay has been beaten and battered in the recent years. 
Lioco fights back with insanely non-interventionalist winemaking.  The commercial, overly buttery and oaky Chardonnays of grocery stores are a thing
of your father’s past.  Lioco, a true California negociant partners with sustainable
and organic grape growers all around the state’s untouched central coast and produces true expressions of the grape in its purest form.  Chardonnay that’s focus is farming from Sonoma Coast sites benefiting from cold, foggy seaside evenings and windy afternoons, keep the fruit bright and not over blown.  In the cellar, Lioco, presses,
rests and bottles with little hand or concern.  The result, energetic and pure beauty.  Metro Wines brings you the true and relevant beauty of Chardonnay long lost
to the commercial market that will make you remember why Chardonnay was
and is still a noble grape of the people at $24."

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Vecchia Torre


Full Page Advertisement in NYT Magazine about Puglia!
And Puglia is Showing Up in Some Unexpected Places

Image result for puglia turquoise bowl home depotLike At Home Depot!

Pair this bowl with ...
Vecchia Torre Primitivo from Puglia

Vecchia Torre is brought in to the state by North Carolina importer,
Haw River Wine Man. This wine is not available at BigBox.
Vecchia Torre presents a text book example of a solid, palate pleasing, 
quality (no sugar added) wine for a very affordable price.

Image result for vecchia torre primitivo

An intense ruby ​​red color, ample and persistent aroma with perceptible hints
of plum and cherry. On the palate, it is dry, warm and balanced with structure, body and elegance. It is an extremely powerful wine, but with a grace and a softness that you do not expect in a bottle of this price.

$12.99! Take That BigBox

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El Libre

New York Times Talks 36 Hours in Buenos Aires
NYT recommends Almacén Comunal, La Hora del Vermut, Juilia,
LaGlorieta, arteBA, El Preferido de Palermo and Football!
I LOVE Buenos Aires! But I can't go right now.

I asked Brett Watson of The Asheville School of Wine @MetroWines
to pick a wine that would let me me live large BA vicariously!
He said: El Libre 2018 Malbec, Medoza

Image result for el libre malbec 2018

"Very few South American cites showcase it's heritage and individuality
like Buenos Aires.  The blend of European cultures, the languages and the traditions can vary from barrio to barrio.  It's a city born of Latin American and European freedom.  Along those lines, from a wine standpoint, Metro brings you "El Libre" Malbec from Revolution Wine Company.  The bottling is a celebration of the revolutionary events that took place in Buenos Aires that occurred in May of 1810! 
From the Las Compuertas region of the Andees the El Libre is full of juicy plum,
dark berries and high elevation freshness.  Fermented and aged in concrete tank

and at $8.99....we should all celebrate revolution!"

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On the NYT List of 52 Places to Visit in 2020!

Slovenia is arguably the world's most environmentally conscious nation.
In 2016, it's chief city, Ljubljana, was named European Green Capital
and in 2017, Slovenia became the first country to be certified as a "green destination."

I know you want to go right now, today!
But you probably can't drop everything and head for Ljubljana.
Plan B. Travel vicariously. Try a Slovenian Wine!
Rodica Istra 2015 Malvazija, a dry white presenting
lemon, honey and peach. 

I asked Brett Watson, Asheville School of Wine,
if my Plan B had legs? And he said:

"If you've read the NYT 2020 list and are packing your bags,
AND have a penchant for incredible, under-valued, historic wine, look to Slovenia. 
Look more importantly at the wines of the 100% organically produced Rodica. 
Hanging off into the Slovenian Adriatic Sea in an epic grape growing area
known as Istria, lies the vineyards of Rodica.  The 100% pure and ancestral grape
of Malvazija (Malvasia) ripens at high altitudes overlooking the sea and is entirely
dry-farmed.  One of the most nuanced white wines in the shop, Rodica will surprise
you with its wild-flower elegance.  Put it next to a Tupperware of truffle pasta you had leftover from last nights Istrian dinner.  $21 buys your a piece of Slovenian purity."

Image result for Rodica Istra 2015 Malvazija
Books about Slovenia, travel to Slovenia
and travel journeys for when you go for real here:


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Image result for entycement ty caton

This sexy and approachable wine leads with aromas of boysenberry
and blackberry. It greets the palate with lush notes of dark fruit
and a smooth hint of chocolate. The finish lingers on your tongue
and the taste is heightened with just a touch of spice.

John Kerr of The Asheville School of Wine says
tycement is a big and rich red but remains elegant."

Originally released at $34
$31 Average online

and $19.99 @MetroWines

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Brumidi in US Capitol

National Organization of Italian American Women 
Greater Washington, DC Region presents
Constantino Brumidi in The Capitol
The Italian-born Artist Who Painted the U.S. Capitol's Corridors
A Special Tour for NOIAW Members and Friends
Brumidi's "Apotheosis of Washington," U.S. Capitol Building Rotunda, 1865.
Saturday, February 8th, 11:00AM-12:30PM
First Street and East Capitol Street
Washington, D.C. 20565
Meet at 10:45AM at the Visitor Center to
proceed inside the Capitol Building.
Capitol South Metro Stop is the closest to this location.
NOIAW DC is pleased to invite you to attend a private tour of the "Brumidi Corridors," an area within the U.S. Capitol Building, whose walls and ceilings were decorated in the 19th century by the Italian-born fresco painter Constantino Brumidi. NOIAW members and friends will be escorted by Steven Livengood, the U.S. Capitol Historical Society's Director of Public Programs and Chief Guide.
Please note: Our group will meet up at the Capitol Visitor Center at 10:45AM, to begin the tour at 11:00 with Mr. Livengood.
The Capitol Visitor Center is located at the intersection of first Street and East Capitol Street, underground on the east side of the Capitol. Please come to the southeast corner of the great hall to meet your guide by the status of Father Kino of Arizona, the only green statue in the hall.
Please note that there is little parking near the Capitol.
The following items are NOT allowed inside the Capitol (and will be confiscated at the door): Food, drinks, water bottles (even empty ones), liquids, aerosols, hand lotion, perfumes, mace, lighters, matches, pocket knives, large bags, backpacks, scissors, and nail files.
The following items MAY need to be left in the checkroom before your visit:
cameras, cell phones, and PDAs (muted or turned off), remote car door openers, iPods, ear buds, other electronic devices, and umbrellas.
Members: Free | NonMembers: $10
RSVP is required
Gentlemen always welcome!
Ticket payments are nonrefundable.
See what's happening on our social sites:
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Rouze Quincy

*** Pre-Tariff French White of the Week ***
2018 Domaine Adele Rouze QUINCY $19.99 
A Charles Neal Selection

Image result for adel rouze sauvignon blanc

Quincy is characterised by its freshness and notes of ripe citrus, grapefruit,
white flowers and freshly-cut herbs. On the palate, this medium-bodied wine shows flavors
of grapefruit and lime, with a touch of citrus pith and a crisp, mineralled finish.

The Winemaker Adèle Rouze

Farming and winemaking is in Adèle's blood. Her father, Jacques, is a respected vigneron 
in Quincy & Reuilly, while her brother, Côme, is a well-known oenologist.
Adèle is a certified agricultural appraiser, and after completing her wine studies
in Bordeaux, she returned to Quincy in 2003 to launch her eponymous domaine.
Her vineyard holdings are only 5 hectares, but many parcels consist of old vines,
some of which were planted in 1920, 1930, and still others in the 1950's.
She farms with minimal spraying, using only natural products to work the siliceous,
gravel and clay soils. Domaine Adèle Rouzé is the quintessential familial estate; 
the type we are delighted to support @MetroWines.

I asked Brett Watson of The Asheville School of Wine
what a Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc is all about? And he said:

"Extremely small wine producer and local female winemaking legend Adele Rouze
farms 80+ year old vines in Loire Valley's Sancerre neighbor of Quincy.  Farming everything
by hand in a traditional organic, true to the land style, Rouze showcases the stone and granite soils of Quincy, Frances 2nd AOC in 1936, to absolute perfection.  Think crystal clean Sancerre'ish Sauvignon Blanc at a heavy discount with a touch more visceral
and ripe stone fruit-like texture.  An absolute steal of a deal at $19.99 here @MetroWines
will make your friends like white wine again in the winter." 

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*** Tariff Free Italian Wine of The Week ***
MOMA, Umberto Cesari,  2016

Image result for moma umberto cesari 2016
A blend of 80% Sangiovese and 20% Merlot, 13% alc.
Emilia-Romagna is one of Italy's best loved wine regions,
and this northern region has been  a superb viticulture for an astonishing
length of time. Indeed, wine has been made in Emilia-Romagna for almost
three thousand years, and as an ancient and respected wine region
remains today deeply traditional and proud, with wineries determined
to protect this region of quality and distinction. 
This wine is soft and velvety with an intense bouquet
of berry fruit especially raspberries. $22

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2016 Bouchaine Chardonnay, Napa Valley, Carneros

Image result for 2016 bouchaine chardonnay

Aged in select French oak, this wine is a barrel selection of Chardonnay
from the Estate. Aromas of baked golden apples, Asian pears, honeycomb,
and hazelnuts greet the senses. The rich, mouth-coating texture lingers,
while notes of butterscotch, nutmeg and vanilla grace the finish.

This bottle is essentially French White Burgundy with a touch of California 
expressed in light tropical fruit. Rockstar Winemakers! Paul Hobbs consulting. $21

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Wine

 Posted to Facebook on January 21st, 2020

Neil deGrasse Tyson was generous enough with his time to answer my question about biodynamic wine. The Astrophysicist said, in essence, that the concept of the wine being better because of the stars and the moon is (paraphrasing) not a fact. Sadly our Astrophysicist Department @MetroWines is on a space sabbatical but we @MetroWines who were left behind think, you might nevertheless find, as do we, that biodynamic wines have a better and more solid taste. Biodynamic wines undergo no processing. The grape is the grape. Every vintage is unique. Open and fervent invitation to Neil deGrasse Tyson to join us @MetroWines and let's talk wine. Anytime. AnyWine. @Neil deGrasse Tyson


More on Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Wine:

Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'Star Talk RADIO HOSTED BY NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON SEASON 2 Wit and Wisdom about Wine with JENNIFER SIMONETTI-BRYAN BetterListen'
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Stock Your Cellar Through MetroWines

Wine Auctions? Online Bidding?
Lettie Teague Tells All in Wall Street Journal


Image result for wall street journal wine auction
Bottom Line: Easy to become caught up in the frenzy! 
But what sounds like a deal is not always a deal.
Call us @MetroWines and let us search and confirm for you.


***And Thinking of Stocking a Wine Cellar **

We Got This TOO!
Call John or Brett @MetroWines: (828) 575-9525

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Italian Food While You Live!

From The MetroWines Book Review Department

Flowers When You're Dead is a memoir covering the author's first 18 years.
Included are much-loved Italian recipes from his relatives. The memoir also takes
an historical look at two topics currently in the news: immigration and ancestry.
Daniel Delfucho renders a touching and revealing history of his family. 
Daniel Delfucho is an Italian-American raised and educated on the East Coast.
Born 19th century, all four of his grandparents emigrated to U.S. from Italy.
His mother was one of ten children and his father one of eight children.
When his parents married, their families merged around holidays,
relationships, celebrations, and food. 


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BYOB and MetroWines

BYOB Policies Changing

Image result for greyhound drinking wine
Wall Street Journal reports that restaurants,
in any effort to bring in more business,
are easing their BYOB policies. Know the BYOB rules.
And shop your BYObottle @MetroWines!


More on BYOB in this article.
Although the focus is Thanksgiving, the rules apply to any situation.
Gina Trippi of The Asheville School of Wine, for The Laurel of Asheville


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The Jetsons and Wine?

Flying Cars? Hundai and Uber are working on it.
Oh baby, we've seen this before!

Image result for jetsons flying car

Stop the World. This is just too much.
Hold onto your sanity and your ground bound car
with a solid, standard operating Cabernet Sauvignon:

2017 Tradition &  Red Wine
$39.99 online (what planet are they on?)

** $29 @MetroWines ** (with free parking on earth)

Related image

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Wedding Rosé

Image result for chateau tempier rose
Vinous Says: Shimmering orange. Fresh pit fruit, red berry and floral qualities
on the highly perfumed nose, along with suggestions of dusty minerals
and orange zest. Juicy, focused and lithe on the palate, offering intense nectarine,
red currant, strawberry and candied lavender flavors supported by a spine
of juicy acidity. Shows outstanding clarity and mineral cut on a very long,
sappy finish that strongly echoes the floral and pit fruit notes. 

Kermit Lynch Import: 55% Mourvèdre, 25% Grenache, 20% Cinsault

$49.99 at wine.com and (all together now) unavailable!
*** $44 @MetroWines ***

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John Malkovich and Wine

John Malkovich and Wine. Who Knew?

Image result for john malkovich winemaker
Malkovich said he had little interest in and no knowledge of wine
until  the night he tasted a bottle by Winemaker Michel Chapoutier.
Since Malkovich discovered Chapoutier,
the winemaker has become an international wine making sensation
and Malkovich has become The Pope - at least on HBO:


2017 Tournon Victoria Shiraz by Chapoutier
"Mathilda" named for his daughter.

It could be a life altering experience!

Image result for tournon mathilda 2017
The 2017 Mathilda Shiraz is dark and earthy, with hints of roasted meat,
black olive and asphalt on the nose. Yet on the palate, there's a New World
sense of blueberry and blackberry fruit that's ripe without being
sweet yet dry and savory on the softly dusty finish. $16.99

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Staff Chili Cookoff and Wine Pairing

************ SAVE the DATE ************
Wednesday, February 5th, from 5:30 to 6:30
 Staff Chili Cookoff
and Wine Pairing with Crimson Imports

Image result for greyhound chef

$30. To reserve your BOWL,

online tickets HERE

 or Call (828) 575-9525

*** And THIS Just IN ***
Sam Etheridge, the Chef and Owner of Ambrozia,
a restaurant that turned the culinary scene
in Asheville toward the future,

will pick the winner. The pressure is ON!

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Greco di Tuffo

Organic Vadiaperti Greco di Tuffo, $23
Image result for vadiaperti greco di tufo 2017
Pleasant note of bitter almond and apple blossom, full-flavoured white wine,
intense palate with fine orange-and-tangerine zest flavours, smoky,
mineral notes smoothing towards a honeyed finish.

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Big RED of The Week, $19.99

Image result for primus blend 2015 chile

A blend of 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 24% Carmenere, 25% Merlot,
8% Petite Verdot, 3% Cabernet Franc. The base is Cabernet Sauvignon,
which provides structure, while Merlot delivers red fruit and vitality in mouth.
Carménère adds weight and softness, as well as spices that combine beautifully
with Petit Verdot’s smooth finish. Cabernet Franc brings elegance and persistence.

94 Points from James Suckling
A generous and rich red with round and chewy tannins. So much lovely ripe fruit
with currant and hints of walnut. Full and beautiful. Gorgeous wine.  Drink or hold.

90 Points from Robert Parker's Wine Advocate
I found nice integration and balance in the 2015 Primus The Blend. 
Matured in French barrique for 18 months. The oak is nicely folded into the fruit,
and the aromas and flavors are focused.
It has fine-grained tannins, good freshness and overall balance.

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