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Dogs Rule the Road

As published in 50Plus Living:

The Great American Road Trip by Gina Trippi


My husband and I own Metro Wines in Asheville. We have two greyhounds, Domino and Kobe, that we find very hard to travel without. Air travel for a month, even a week, is out. Aside from the time I considered smuggling their two predecessors into England on a tramp steamer, a very brief consideration of a private jet and crossing the ocean on the QEII with two big dogs in a very small cage, that pretty much just leaves the car. And that means The Great American Road Trip!


Research shows that taking dogs on vacation is the new trend! Apparently, we, at least in this country, need the canine emotional support and friendship. No one has specifically studied the effect of taking your dog on wine adventures as your destination, but it is certainly a consideration. Without some kind of assistance, read: sitter, your out of the room or out of sight experiences are limited. And, even if you opt for taking the dog everywhere, there is, unless you have the new Tesla, the hot car problem. I am told the Tesla has a battery operated AC mode for, well, the dog.


We have decided to do the old fashioned, time-tested trip with our magic seat Honda. To avoid too many stops and a lot of curious looks from the back that ask with ears whether we are there yet, we have opted to keep the destination within a four hour radius of Asheville. With a map and a compass, we have selected targets based on literary history as opposed to wine.  This is the first trip. The destination is 4 hours and 7 minutes.  Already breaking the rules but …


I won’t lie to you, we have canned wine in the car in the event we hit a dry county. Believe it, they exist. In 2018, on the way to Chicago to pick up Domino and Kobe, we picked up Italian food from a restaurant for the room. That would be when we found out we would be having gnocchi, which was pretty good for a small town, paired with coca cola. 


So, on this road trip, there will be wine! We need a restaurant where we can sit at the window and watch the dogs in the car. No way I am leaving them in the hotel room for someone to open the door and two greyhounds go 45 miles an hour down the dusty streets of a small town. That said, the surveillance window takes priority over the wine list.  I know. I know! But that’s the reality.


And that means we are probably doing take out again. And THAT means Sant’ Evasio Red in a box and in the car! Take it from veterans of the family road trip: always be prepared with wine in boxes or cans. Shop success @MetroWines!



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Red Blend Tasting

News Release: Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

About: Red Blend Wine Tasting
Join us on Thursday, November 21st from 5:30 to 6:30 @MetroWines for  a tasting of Red Blends hosted by Juniper Cooper of Mutual Distribution.
Wines will be paired with small bites to emphasize their versatility and bring the flavor to its fullest potential. The structure of Red Blends makes these wines perfect for big gatherings and many different palate preferences.
A Red Blend is the label name for a red wine that is made of more than one varietal ranging from the traditional Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc to more usual combinations. 
Like all wines, Red Blends vary in color in the glass, aroma, flavor, structure and agreeability in the bottle. The purpose of the Red Blend is to complement the attributes of each varietal. 
"A winemaker, for example, would likely add the thick skinned Cabernet Sauvignon to provide tannins offering structure and a foundation for aging," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines. "Blends have become popular with customers because one varietal complements the other making the combination better than any individual varietal."
$20 for the presentation and tasting. To reserve your seat, call (828) 575-9525 or online here: https://metrowinesasheville.com/store/product/red-blend-tasting/
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Size Up the Sparkling

Jacquart Brut Mosaigue

Half Bottles

Image result for jacquart brut mosaic half bottle
Holiday and Host Gift Perfect
Mosaique is a non-vintage brut from top Champagne producer Jacquart. Lively and fresh, with a good backbone of fruit and a very fine mousse.
STOCK UP! These bottles will sell out.

This is a good time to mention our tasting
"Sizing Up The Holidays" @MetroWines!
Saturday, December 14th from 1 to 4pm

Taste Sparkling Wines in all sizes 
including single servings in a four pack
perfect for stocking stuffers or a host gift,
half bottles suited for opening a dinner for two followed by wine, and magnums that not only make an extraordinary gift but also look fabulous and festive on a table!

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Spice it up and add Rose'

Salt and Pepper are No Longer Enough

Ain't it the Truth?

Image result for spicewalla indian turmeric
Spicewalla Indian Spice Three Pack @MetroWines!
You probably dabble in Indian Food and Flavors all year.
Only one way to be sure the wine is right for those exotic flavors:

Rose ALL Year!

Image result for archagelo palama roxe
Palama Archangelo Negroamaro rose from Puglia 14.99
Winner of the last Great Rose Tasting

and MetroWines is the only retailer in the US with Palama!

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Film Discussion

"Bread and Tulips"
Presented by Ciao Asheville
Sunday, October 27th from 1 to 4pm
In Italian with Subtitles

Image result for bread and tulips
Robert Formento, Ciao Asheville Film Coordinator,
introduces the film and leads a discussion at the conclusion. The event and popcorn is on the house.
A glass of red or white Italian Wine is $7.

Reserve Your Seat Here:

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Wedding Party Gifts

First Annual Thanksgiving Wine Tasting
and Customer2Customer Arts and Crafts Show 

@ and ONLY @MetroWines

Image result for greyhound pearls kimballstock

You do not want to miss this event,
We have pottery, candles, greeting cards, jewelry, paintings, wine bottle art, pet toys, wine accessories and quilts. Shop while you taste wines perfect for the Holidays.

"on the house"

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Weddings and Charity

Weddings and Charity

Image result for greyhounds dancing
More couples, says NYT, are requesting charitable donations as gifts.

Metro/wines has always offered a Gift Registry for weddings and events (birthdays, retirements, graduation, etc) that includes charities. 
Call our Wedding Director Kristin Hill at (828) 575-9525!

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November Focus Group Winner

*** Focus Group Winner ***

Kobal Furmint, Slovenia $17.99
Image result for kobal furmint

Next Month Klinker Brick will Host Focus  Group
It's ALL About Thanksgiving
Reserve Your Seat Here: 


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Dining Solo Italian Style

Dining Solo

Image result for dog dining at table

Food companies are beginning to cater to the single serving. Dining solo does not need to be dining without wine! In addition to single serve bottles and double serving cans, easy screw top bottles work well and stay fresh for days.

Two of our all purpose favorite screw tops are from Valentina:

La Valentina is located in the rolling Abruzzo Hills,
just inland from the port of Pescara on the Adriatic coast.
The area benefits from a special microclimate, taking advantage of cool breezes from mountains and maritime winds from the Adriatic.

The owner of La Valentina, Andrea di Properzio, was recently @MetroWines to pour his wines for our customers. He explained that what sets La Valentina apart is that every bottle is 100% varietal. Often, a bottle labeled Trebbiano contains other grapes such as Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc.

* Valentina Trebbiano 2018, $13.99 *
Image result for la valentina trebbiano 2018
Vines grown in clay soil. Stainless steel fermentation. 
Straw yellow with green reflections in the glass.
The nose presents intense notes of exotic fruits, floral sensations, notes of aromatic herbs and mineral tones. And the palate is dry, refreshing, harmonious and balanced. $13.99

* La Valentina Montepulciano *

Image result for valentina trebbiano 2018
Pretty depth of dark fruit in this with hints of flowers
and fruit tea that follow through to a medium to full body,
soft tannins and a juicy finish. Drink or hold. $13.99

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Tricky Rabbit is Big Red

Tricky Rabbit is not new to the shop but it has been a consistent seller for five years. The vintages continue to improve with the age of the vines. For $11.99, you cannot do better than Tricky Rabbit!

*** Big Red of The Week ***
Tricky Rabbit Stands for the Proposition That
A Big Red Does Need to Have a Big Price!

Image result for tricky rabbit reserva cabernet franc carmenere
A blend of 60% Cabernet Franc and 40% Carmenere. This blend has aromas of dry leaves and white pepper
that unfold with raspberry and blackberry fruit flavors, silky smooth tannins, and a lovely complex finish.

*** $11.99 ***

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Groovy Architecture and Wine

The Glass House for Party People!

Image result for wall street journal arthur elrod house

Designed by Arthur Elrod, this glass and concrete dwelling
is the standard bearer for Palm Springs Modernism. The interior designer was Kelly Wearstler, shoes design aesthetic has been described as "daring couture for architecture, not bodies." And her trademarks: "body juxtaposing eras and styles, introducing avant -garde glamour and statement everythings"

G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! But, where's the wine? This IS a party house, right?
Some of the phrases used to describe the interior, although the scene is stunning,
are not too obtrusive, new space airiness, ambient, synergy, moods, and echoes.

A house of such architectural significance
calls for a wine that reflects its essence.

Let's go with New World
2017 Riviera Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast
Pali Wine Co.

Image result for riviera pinot noir pali wine co 2017

** Robert Parker, Wine Advocate 91 Points **
Pale to medium ruby-purple, the 2017 Pinot Noir Huntington has a perfumed nose of dried rose petal, bergamot, pipe tobacco and autumn leaves with black cherries and wild blackberries plus notes of blueberries, woodsmoke and cola. Medium-bodied with a good core of earthy dark fruits with spicy accents,
it has juicy acidity, grainy tannins and a long finish. 

$24.99 at wine.com. I'm serious!
$21 @MetroWines

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Image result for wall street journal teague cellars

Lettie Teague Talks Cellars in Wall Street Journal

Consult with The Asheville School of Wine
Call John at (828) 575-9525

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Wine Class: Sparkling


Tickets HERE!

News Release Monday, October 14th, 2019

About: Wine Class on Various Sparkling Wines
Join us on Tuesday, December 17th from 5:30 to 6:30 @MetroWines for a class on various Sparkling Wines presented by Andy Hale, Director of The Asheville School of Wine @MetroWines.
Wines will include Champagne, Cremant, Cava, Prosecco, PetNat, Sparkling French, Franciacorta and others. Find out the differences and the reasons for choosing one style over another for a particular pairing.
"Sparkling Wines are now made from many varietals," says Andy Hale. and a Sparkling Wine is not just for a celebration!"
$25 for presentation and tasting. Reserve your seat by calling (828) 575-9525 or online here: https://metrowinesasheville.com/store/product/wine-class-sparkling/
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525

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Wine Class: The New World

News Release: Monday, October 14th, 2019

About: Class on Wines of The New World
Join us on Tuesday, October 22nd from 5:30 to 6:30 @MetroWines for a class on wines from The New World presented by Andy Hale, Director of The Asheville School of Wine @MetroWines.
"The class will include wines from countries other than Old Europe," says Andy Hale." 
$25 for the presentation and tasting. All wines poured will be offered at an event price.
Reserve your seat by calling (828) 575-9525 or online here: https://metrowinesasheville.com/store/product/wine-class-october-22nd-new-world/
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Port, Sherry, Madeira and Vermouth Class



News Release; Monday, October 14th
About: Wine Class about Port, Sherry, Madeira and Vermouth
Join us on Tuesday, November 19th from 5:30 to 6:30 @MetroWines for a class on "Port, Sherry, Madeira and Vermouth" presented by Andy Hale, Director of The Asheville School of Wine. Find out the difference in the four wines, how and when to serve each as well as perfect food pairings.
"These are some of the oldest traditionally made wines in the world and yet they remain very versatile," says Andy Hale. "The wines are available in a variety of styles and flavor profiles and most can age forever!"
$25 for the tasting and presentation. Tickets by calling (828) 575-9525 or go here: https://metrowinesasheville.com/store/product/port-sherry-and-vermouth/
All wines poured will be offered at an event price.
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Neyers Vineyards Tasting

News Release: Monday, October, 14th, 2019

About: Neyers Vineyards Tasting @MetroWines
Join us on Thursday, November 14th from 5 to 6:30 for a tasting of Neyers Wines "on the house" @MetroWines. The tasting will be hosted by Laurence Vuelta!
After a hugely successful tasting with Neyers Wines earlier in the year, MetroWines has invited the winery back to present their wines for the holidays.
"Neyers is said by many to offer the quintessential wines for Thanksgiving," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines. "And if you have not been to a tasting with Laurence Vuelta, you have NOT been to a tasting!"
All wines poured will be offered at an event price.
About Neyers:
In 1999, we purchased and renovated a winery on a thirty-acre parcel in the Sage Canyon area of Napa Valley. Over the next 14 months we built the modern, highly functional winery designed for our traditional winemaking practices. We produced our first vintage in this state of the art facility in 2000. In 2002, Wine and Spirits Magazine named Neyers Vineyards the Artisan Winery of the Year.
Neyers Vineyards sits in the heart of the Napa Valley but Bruce’s experience with French wine importer Kermit Lynch has had an undeniable influence on our wines. Many of the French producers Bruce works with farm organically, make their wines naturally without use of cultured yeast or laboratory designed malo-lactic starter, and bottle their wines without fining or filtration. We like their results and utilize many of their ideas.
Our barrels are made in France, to our specifications, from wood that we buy in bulk and air dry for three years, two years longer than normal. All of our grapes are picked by hand, into small bins that hold only one-half ton. They are then laboriously hand sorted and inspected at the winery. Grapes that require travel of more than thirty minutes to our winery are delivered in refrigerated trucks.
Our wines are aged with as little intervention as possible, and in most years we bottle our wines with neither fining nor filtration, using a state of the art mobile bottling line. No expense has been spared in our grape growing, winemaking practices, or processing equipment, yet customers repeatedly tell us that our wines represent great value in today’s highly competitive wine market.
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Dionysus is Bacchus. Bacchus is Dionysus.

Image result for dionysus
(although the Greek depiction is a little more stately, same god!)

The intersection of Greek snd Roman Cultures is ancient
AND alive and well in Asheville.
Ciao Asheville hosts a fundraiser for UNCA Celebration of Dionysus
on Tuesday, December 3rd from 5:30 to 7pm at Golden Fleece!
$35 for appetizers that span the cultures with Greek and Italian Wines.
Reserve by Calling (828) 575-9525 or online:

Meanwhile, revisit the pleasure principle and indulge
in "How to Be an Epicurean"
By Catherine Wilson. Reviewed by Wall Street Journal here:


Image result for how to be an epicurean wilson

Book at Malaprops here:

Your Read it With Wine @MetroWines!
*** Agyros Santorini 2017 ***
100% Assyrtiko, Stainless steel fermentation, volcanic and sandy soil.

Image result for argyros santorini assyrtiko 2016

Founded in 1903, Argyros Estate is on the island of Santorini,
famed for its spiraling vines and white washed churches. Yiannis Argyros, 3rd generation owner of the estate took over in 1974 and today, Matthew Argyros the 4th generation of family winemakers continues his father's legacy using traditional techniques

The estate vineyards are primarily in Episkopi and Pyrgos,
prime locations for Assyrtiko. The ungrafted vines range in age
from 30 to over 150 years, and are trained into basket-shaped bowls, a traditional technique called "kouloura". 
The soil of Santorini is naturally immune to Phylloxera and other vineyard pests, reducing the need for synthetic herbicides & pesticides. Estate Argyros practices sustainable viticulture, using composted grape must as fertilizer, and plowing the vineyards with mules.

Assyrtiko is known for its high natural acidity.
This wine is true to character, with flavors of citrus, lemongrass and stone. It is medium-bodied and elegant with great finesse.

$29.99 at wine.com and, you guessed it, unavailable. 

$29.99 at Vivino

$28 @MetroWines

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Le Due Arbie

Bertoldo, Medici, Chianti !

Image result for le due arbie 2016 chianti superiore

La Due Arbie is  a blend of 80%Sangiovese and 20%Merlot.
2016 was the 300th Anniversary of the most famous Italian Wine in the World,
from the ancient recipe by Barone Bettino Ricasoli (1716).

Chianti Superiore Le Due Arbie by Dievole has fresh
and fruit forward with tannins that are youthful yet harmonious and rounded.
An elegant wine, with a long finish pairing easily with foods.

The Dievole estate has a long standing history in Tuscany,
dating back as far as 1090. Dievole does not use herbicides and pesticides, they swapped the use of cultured yeasts for wild, and they replaced international varietals with indigenous varieties. The result is is varietal purity and authenticity.

$18.94 in New York. $16.00 @MetroWines!

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Sidekick Cabernet

Psychologists Say Color Affects Moods and Behavior

Working off that theory, this bottle has to make you happy!

Image result for sidekick cabernet 2017
2017 Sidekick Cabernet Sauvignon, Lodi
On the nose, cedar, mocha, plum, pipe tobacco and licorice.
The palate is rich, bold with dark berries and a swash of anise.

$16.99 and on the shelf @MetroWines

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November Winner: Furmint


Katerina Dordelman of Sour Grapes brought two wines from Croatia and two from Slovenia for consideration. The clear favorite was 2017 Kobal Furmint from Slovenia.  
Group appreciated the varietal as you could enjoy it solo or pair with food. Flavors found ranged from Meyer Lemon, Green Apple to Ginger. Good with Asian dishes. The wine is dry, medium in body and acidity. No need to decant and it can go for 10 years in the bottle!
Some thought this wine would also work as a palate cleanser between courses. But whether paired with a dish or served between dishes, this wine is spot on for Thanksgiving. $17.99
2016 Plavac was also very well received. This wine is from the cooler island locations presenting aromas of plum, cherry and local herbs. The palate is bight, rustic and earthy but with soft tannins leaving the fruit to shine. Group thought this wine was very versatile. Another good choice for the Thanksgiving Table
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