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Emily's Pick: Vermentino

*** STAFF PICK: Emily ***

The purpose of setting our our staff picks is for you to find the palate closest to your own.
If you find it, and you trust them! you might feel more comfortable venturing into a new grape, country or style.
So, this week, Emily is up to bat. Emily is a sommelier with years of experience in wine work.

Cardedu Nuo Vermentino, $19.99

Image result for cardedu nuo vermentino

I chose this wine because I prefer wines that have a savory quality.
Cardedu Nuo Vermentino definitely has that savory bite
with hints of smoked pineapple,dried green herbs and sea salt.
I love pairing this wine with seafood risotto and other seafood dishes. 

Teaching Moment: 

Hailed for centuries as a Mediterranean vine-growing paradise, multiple cultures have ruled Sardinia.
Set in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Phonoecians, Ancient Rome, and subsequently
the Byzantines, Arabs and Catalans have all staked a claim on the island at some point in history.
Along the way, these inhabitants transported many of their homeland’s prized vines
and today Sardinia’s varieties claim multiple origins. 

Vermentino, a prolific Mediterranean variety, is the island’s star white.
Vermentino grows in Languedoc region of France (Rolle) as well as Italy’s western and coastal regions,
Liguria (where it is called Pigato), Piedmont (where it is called Favorita)
and in Tuscany, where it goes by the name, Vermentino.
But many, including Emily, say the best Vermentino, grows in Sardinia's northeastern region of Gallura
where its vines struggle to dig roots deep down into north-facing slopes of granitic soils.
These Vermentino vines produce highly aromatic, full and concentrated whites of unparalleled balance.

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Pair Like a Pro

John Kerr of The Asheville School of Wine
for Capital at Play: Pair Like a Pro

A Quick Guide to Making it Work!

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Pinot Noir under $15

MWC Pinot Noir 2017, Victoria, Australia

Image result for mwc 2017 pinot noir victoria
Sourced from vineyards in the premium wine regions of Victoria, this medium bodied wine
has intensive aromas of plum, cherry and strawberry fruit with hints of spicy oak.
The fresh fruit momentum continues on the palate with vibrant plum and dark stone fruits
finishing with some firm acid, beautiful tannins and integrated oak.

Andy Hale, Director of The Asheville School of Wine, says he was prepared to dislike it. 
"I was ready to go full on Simon Cowell on it. 
I really did not think it was possible to get a decent Pinot Noir under $15.00.
By decent, I mean somewhat varietally correct without being secretly doped up with Petit Sirah.
MWC has
 good tart cherry cola and violets.  MWC has done well in blind tastings." 
(Lettie, you would love this one!)

Not widely distributed in the U.S. $17.99 at Vivino

*** $14.99 @MetroWines ***

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deKooning and rose'

‘Asheville’ (1948), by Willem de Kooning PHOTO: THE PHILLIPS COLLECTION/

"Asheville" by Willem de Kooning, 1948

Article by Harry Cooper, senior curator and head of modern art at National Gallery of Art in Washington.
He came across this pairing when he was also "smitten" with other works at The Phillips Collection
including"The Open Window by Pierre Bonnard
and "Entrance to the Public Gardens in Arles" by Vincent Van Gogh.
"Asheville" is:  White and tan preside over a mouthwatering assortment of sorbet colors:
pistachio, lemon raspberry, cotton candy. 

Perfect for Rose'
La Rame Bordeaux Rose 2018, $14.99

Image result for la rame rose 2018

The grapes are sourced from small parcels of younger vines (20 years of age as of 2011)
on the flanks of a hill that descends towards the Garonne River in the village of Sainte Croix du Mont.
A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (80%) and Merlot (20%),
Aromas and palate of strawberries and raspberries, the red fruit mingles with prominent flavors
of grapefruit, white peach and yogurt. The fruit is balanced by bracing acidity
that accentuates the fruit but the tannin keeps everything in balance.

Image result for gina lollobrigida
(A young Gina Lollobrigida. She just turned 92!)
La Rame is French but don't forget "Aperitivi"

** An Italian Cocktail Party **

Italian Rose' Tasting Event sponsored by Ciao Asheville.
Closing in. Reserve now. Space is limited.
Call (828) 575-9525 or online: 

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Brumant Rose'

A Different Ros!
Brumant Cotes de Gascogne France
50% Tannat, 30% Syrah and 20% Merlot, $13.99

The Gascogne is an exceptional reserve of micro-terroirs offering a wide variety
of quality wines. This original and bright pink includes 3 main grape varieties that complement each other perfectly: Tannat that brings energy and liveliness,
Syrah with the mixture of fruity flavors of raspberry and currant and Merlot
which gives this wine its velvety satin side. 
Vineyards located at the top of the hills, each parcel being separated by a forest,
this in order to avoid contamination from one vineyard to another. Alain uses only natural spring water taken from his timbered hills, not polluted thanks to the ideal
and privileged environment of Gascony

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Garnacha Salvage del Mancayo

Garnacha Salvage del Mancayo

Image result for garnacha salvaje del moncayo

In the glass, intense and beautiful dark cherry color, with purple reflections.
Clean and quite bright. The nose offers an aromatic, varietally correct intensity.
Swirl! When it opens up, intense and fleshy notes of ripe red fruit are released, wrapped in mellow creamy aromas nuanced by some intense toasted hints and a subtle background of forest herbs.The palate presents lots of fruit. It shows a soft and silky mid palate with a balanced notes of fruit and wood. Hints of violets and mineral notes that turn into a mellow wine. Good acidity and polished tannins. Not widely distributed in the US. $13.99.

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Hoopla 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon is not new to the shop. We featured the bottle months ago when it first arrived. But since then, the bottle has proved to be a best seller so we thought we would mention it to you again. 

Image result for hoopla cabernet sauvignon 2016
This serious wine has aromas of dark and ripe fruit with flavors of dark chocolate and currant, making it a pleasure for any occasion. Internet sellers, for the most part, have confused Hoopla Cabernet Sauvignon with the red blend called "The Mutt." We also carry The Mutt and it is also a great wine but, for purposes of comparison here, we are looking to the 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.
Vivino says $24.99
We say $21 @MetroWines!

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Robert Hall Cabernet


*** Big RED of the Week ***
Robert Hall 2015  Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles

Image result for robert hall 2015 cabernet sauvignon
The intense dark ruby red color of the Cabernet Sauvignon is reflective
of this full-bodied, flavorful wine. The core of black currant and hints of cedar and spice along with cocoa aromas echoed by rich persistent flavors of plush ripe fruit, dark chocolate and anise are all supported by balanced rich velvety tannins.

Established in 1983, Paso Robles AVA is a diverse appellation located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, along the California Central Coast. Paso Robles has 45 different soil types with varied elevations and climates leading to 11 sub-AVAs. Hot days end with coastal breezes that flow over the Santa Lucia Mountain Range to cool the vineyards in the evenings, delivering near perfect growing conditions that allow grapes to reach optimal maturity, yielding full bodied-- intense color wines with incredible phenolic structure.

Robert Hall Winery straddles the Estrella and Geneseo Districts on the East side of Paso Robles. Embracing the diverse Paso Robles terroir, Robert Hall sources fruit from every district in the AVA ensuring the highest quality and producing wines that are truly The Essence of Paso Robles.

$19.99 at Paul's in DC and $20.99 at wine.com

$18.99 @MetroWines!

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Pairing Advice

John Kerr of The Asheville School of Wine

for Capital at Play: Pair Like a Pro!

Aticle Here!

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Stop Bezos. Stop Amazon. Shop LocalLY

Facebok Post:


Bezos: "The only way that I can see to deploy this much financial resource is by converting my Amazon winnings into space travel," Bezos said. "I am going to use my financial lottery winnings from Amazon to fund that." Really? This is the only way you can imagine helping? Did kids with cancer, muscular dystrophy, blind, deaf, can't walk, or the mean abuse of animals and poaching of wildlife worldwide, providing clean water in Africa, medicine, helping to stop the sex trade, abuse of women around the globe, on and on, occur to you? None of this? If this is how you spend your "winnings" you need to start losing. Shop locaLY.

No photo description available.
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MetroWines on Cabernet for Capital at Play

Read All About California Cabernet Sauvignon Here!

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ZOE Rose' from Greece

2018 ZOE, Greece

Image result for zoe 2018 greece rose wine.cim

A blend of Aghiorghitiko 70%, Moscofilero 30%, Zoe is fermented in stainless steel vats.
Short maceration, no malolactic fermentation and short aging over fine lees. Screw cap.
DRY. Ripe cherries, raspberries, rose petals, full and complex palate.

$12.99 @MetroWines
$14.99 at wine.com
Skeptical? Click on the photo!

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Rose' and Candles


July Great Rose' Tasting

Saturday, July 6th
from 10am to 7pm @MetroWines

*** We will be joined by Paris of The South Candles ***
Over 20 scents made locally including Vintage Rose!


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Golden Pinot Noir

2017 Golden Pinot Noir,
Monterey County, from Folktale, $16.99

Image result for golden pinot noir 2017 folktale
Pale Ruby in color, ripe cherries, strawberry preserves, floral notes of roses, earthiness,
and a touch of oak round out this wonderful Monterey Pinot. The palate shows a great balance
of fruit and oak on the palate which resembles cherry pie. A light, refreshing whip 
of watermelon on the finish. Richness mid-palate enhanced by floral notes indicative of Monterey.
The smooth finish and bright acid begs to be enjoyed with food. and, oh yeah, "Big Little Lies."

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Garzon Single Vineyard Alabrino

*** Making a BIG DEAL of IT***
Garzon 2017 Single Vineyard Albarino

Image result for garzon single vineyard albarino 2017

94 Points from James Suckling
Like Albariño’s home terroir in Galicia, granitic soils and proximity
to the Atlantic create a perfect habitat
for grapes that imbue the finished wine with minerality,
ripe peach pulp, green melons, and white flowers.
“Cherry blossom, daffodils, apple strudel, preserved lemons and peach pit…
Full body, loads of layers of citrus character.” 

*** $19.99 ***

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Blind Tasting League Returns!

Image result for blind tasting league metro
The Blind Tasting League @MetroWines
Officially Returns in September
and Expect the Occasional Importer PopUP!

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Critics and Staff picks

Image result for greyhound red wine glass
(not Eric Asimov in photo)
Eric Asimov criticizes the critic in NYT on Wednesday. He accurately points out
that a review is just the opinion of one person (including Eric.) 
True. Better idea is to get personal. Shop @MetroWines where staff cards their "picks."
Find the palate that suits you and go on a wine adventure with confidence.
Let's Get Started with MetroWines Staff Picks!

*** Andy's Pick ***

Image result for aglianico del taburno fontanavecchia
Fontana Vecchia Aglianico del Taburno, $17.99

Why this one? "Because I like the combination of new world like fruit with old world earthy leathery flavors.
This Aglianico is not afraid to show some tannin which I like with food and it is a historical wine.
This is the grape that probably would have been the "premier cru" in ancient Rome.
 It drinks like a combination of a Napa Cabernet Sauvignon and Barolo at a third of the price.

Generally speaking what I am looking for in a "pick" is a wine that pairs
with food showing bright acidity and complexity for the price."

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Italian Rose' Tasting

Ciao Asheville Presents

Aperitivi !
Italian Rose' Wine Tasting

Hosted at a lovely covered pavilion at a private home in Asheville,
you will taste 4 bottles of Rose' paired with Italian Finger Foods
including cheese, melon, prosciutto and bruschetta.
The event is hosted by Ciao Asheville and Mike Tiano of Haw River Wine Man
$20 includes wine, food, fun and tax!
Ciao Asheville events sell out so please shop now:

Follow ALL Ciao Asheville Events Here:
http:// https://www.facebook.com/CiaoAsheville/

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Marquis de Grinon 2013 Caliza, $19.99
40% Petit Verdot, 35% Graciano, 35%Syrah

Image result for marquis de grinon caliza 2013

"Caliza" means limestone in Spanish, used in naming this wine so as to pay homage
to the unique soil profile at this Dominio de Valdepusa estate. The moderate layer of clay topsoil
over rocky limestone leads to elegantly structured wines. Caliza is a blend of Syrah and Petit Verdot
which are fermented in stainless steel followed by one year in new and second passage French oak.

Deep purple in color with ruby reflections, this wine shows alluring notes of blackberries and cassis
with undertones of cinnamon and minerality. On the palate, it is beautifully full-bodied and silky
with refreshing acidity and flavors that unfold into the long-lasting finish.

** 90 Points, Robert Parker Wine Advocate **

$19.99 @MetroWines
$21.99 at wine.com Really? Really.

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Agriverde Piane di Maggio
2017 Trebbiano d'Abruzzo 

Image result for agriverde piane di maggio trebbiano d'abruzzo

100% Trebbiano grown in clay, sand and iron.
Straw-yellow  with greenish highlights in the glass.
The nose is delicately scented with flower and fruit aromas
And the palate is dry, crisp and well balanced
it recalls fresh fruit and flowers with citrus hints.​

Camillo di Carlo founded Agriverde winery in 1830. Two centuries have passed
and the property has expanded to become an organic farming business.
AGRIVERDE mission is to produce superior wines preserving what we inherited from Nature,
in order to hand it down to future generations.
AGRIVERDE philosophy is centered on the respect of Nature and Man himself. 
That is why the property is all organic farming and biodynamic.
The tree in the center is the symbol of our commitment
and it is transparent like us because there is nothing to hide at Agriverde!!!

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