Owner of Metro Wines

Travel Italy Via Board Game and Rodano!

Travel to Italy Through a Board Game

*** Lorenzo the Magnificent ***

Each player is an Italian Renaissance family seeking to impress the church and expand
their power. This is accomplished by acquiring cards representing lands, people, activities
or ventures. Dice-based workers are placed to action locations while resources such as wood, stone, and money are managed to the highest efficiency. Victory points determine the winner.


Your Drink Like Lorenzo Wine
RODANO, Toscana 2017

Toscana IGT A blend of Sangiovese and Merlot, Rodano is a class act. Made in the traditional style, 
Rodano uses younger Sangiovese vines younger blendedwith 30% Merlot 
to create a fresh vibrancy while maintaining the rustic characterof old world wines. 
Under Italian law, this bottle could be labeled Chianti Classico and, thus, 
command a higher shelf price. You will find cherry fruit with some dark plum notes 
and bits of gingerbread and spice. Long finish. Drink now through 2022. 

After import issues, Rodano is finally BACK!

*** $16.99 ***

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Wedding Wake Up Call

Start the Day Off Right!

Breaking Bread ~2019 Pet Nat ~ Kokomo WinesLight Sparkling "Dry Creek" Zinfandel

Pét Nat, short for Pétillant Naturel, is French for “natural sparkling.”
This method of making sparkling wine pre-dates the traditional champagne method,
where one takes a fully fermented dry wine and adds yeast and sugar to cause
a secondary fermentation. Instead, the Pétillant Naturel method transfers wine
that is still in its first fermentation to the bottle. This allows the native yeast
to continue fermentation within the bottle and produce carbon dioxide
which creates the delicious bubbles we all love.

Passion fruit and Bing cherry come off the nose of this wine with a distinctive,
wet gravel minerality. Lively in your glass, the wine continues to open
to more complex flavors and aromatics. The palate evokes
a traditional Champagne in weight and fineness of bubbles. 
Easy-drinking with fruit forward youth. Fun. Zippy Acidity. 

Not new to shop but when it's right, it's right.


*** WAKE UP ***

"Many wine lovers have yet to get to know the more distinguished
rosés produced stateside."
Teague, Wall Street Journal

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Tarima Monastrell is Deal of the Week

Tarima Monastrell, 2017, Alicante, Spain

Volver Tarima Monastrell 2017 | Wine Info
The image of the Passion Flower was chosen for Tarima because the blossom
never ceases to amaze and entice people around the world. The vivid colors
and complex structure draws you in for a closer look just as the colors
and aromas of this wine attract your attention. Made from Monastrell grapes
grown on gnarled vines in the rugged, arid climate of Alicante, Tarima blossoms
in your glass with notes of licorice, chocolate and a hint of dark violets.

*** $11.99 ***

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Fellini in DC


June 18, 2020 at 4:00 PM ET


An Absolutely Sincere Liar. A talk by Caterina D’Amico

( Zoom Webinar )

fellini 01

Federico Fellini and Anita Ekberg

This year Federico Fellini would have turned 100! To celebrate the anniversary of his birth, we honor the Italian Maestro with a webinar featuring Caterina D’Amico, former Dean of the Centro di Centro di Cinematografia Sperimentale in Rome and founding member of the Zeffirelli Foundation in Florence.

Federico Fellini, probably the world’s most famous Italian film maker, and 5 times Oscar winner, had unrivaled success. His feature films, all set in Italy, tell stories that cannot be classified as conventional genres, but deemed necessary the coining of its own fantastic and surreal “felliniesque” genre. 
What makes his movies so personal and yet so captivating? Join us for this webinar and enter the mind of Fellini through film bits and rare interviews that will testify to his genius and creativity.

LOCATION: Zoom Webinar (registration required) 
WHEN: June 18, 2020 at 4:00 PM ET

This program is part of Fare Cinema 2020, an initiative by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation promoting Italian quality film productions in the world.

fare cinema
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The British are Coming BACK!


News Release: Monday, June 8th, 2020
About: The Reel Molloys Fish and Chips Food Truck Returns @MetroWines
The British are coming BACK and by popular demand.
Join us on Friday, June 26th from 11am to 2pm, in the "car park" @MetroWines, to indulge in English favorites including fish and chips, slaw and clam chowder at The Reel Molloy's Food Truck. 
The Reel Molloy’s is a Top Tier Food Truck based in Asheville North Carolina. The focus is English Street Fare, providing Asheville and the surrounding area with real English style fish and chips.  "Customers were tailgating," says Gina Trippi, co-owner @MetroWines. "Some brought lawn chairs and tables!"
Not only is Bill "Bootstrap" Molloy, owner of The Reel Molloy's, bringing authentic British food to town but the business has a community purpose. "The goal of the business is to raise enough funding to send four Asheville children, who have had economic and opportunity challenges, to the two year culinary program at ABTech."
And MetroWines, through our "Curbside Concierge," will be available to provide you with a great bottle of wine, cider, beer or sparkling water to pair with your fish and chips! 
Menu and Advance Ordering here: https://www.thereelmolloysavl.com
Follow The Reel Molloy's on FB here: https://www.facebook.com/thereelmolloysavl/
Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi
Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Wedding Perfect Gruner Veltliner

BIG "White" DEAL of The WEEK
Familie Bauer Gruner Veltliner 

Tasting Games: Grüner Veltliner | Austrian Wine

Perhaps no wine says late Spring/Early summer like Gruner Veltliner.
Fresh and fruit forward with a hint of effervescence. Featuring zippy, high toned fruit
and minerality busting out all over. Grapes grown organically
in the centuries old rich soil near the Danube River make for a wine
that presents crisp acidity and solid citrus flavor with a touch of white pepper.
Food friendly but also super easy drinking. 

Litre for $14.99 @MetroWines

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H Mynors is Big Red of Week

*** Big RED of The Week ***
H. Mynors 2015 from Sean Minor

$14.99 @MetroWines
Sean Minor Wines - Products - 2015 H. MynorsThis is not a new bottle to the shop but when we looked online and found
an "average price" of $17.99 going as high as $24 for a bottle,
we thought we might remind you of this price to quality ratio winner!

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Bi-Ligual and Lieu Dit Wine

Does Bi-Lingualism Make You Smarter?
This will certainly be hotly debated.

Does Bilingualism Make You Smarter? - WSJ

Debate over a bottle of "bilingual wine."

What? Lieu Dit is California wine from French grapes with a French name.

"We're committed to making balanced, lower-alchohol wines, no matter what the grape.
To achieve more balance in our wines, we harvest our fruit early." 
Lieu Dit

Melon de Bourgogne, originally from the Loire Valley in France,
grown and made wine in Santa Maria Valley, just north of Santa Barbara. 2018. $19.99

Lieu Dit Melon 2017 | Wine Info
And Lieu Dit Chenin Blanc, a varietal native to the Loire Valley as well,
grown and made wine in Santa Ynez Valley. $19.99

Chenin Blanc | Lieu Dit at WineontheWay.com-Best Wine | Buy The ...

Magnifique! Yowzer! (bilingual)

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Discover Your Italian Heritage


Connect to your Community, 
Uncover your Heritage.

Dear Fellow Italian American:

Thank you for joining the National Italian American Foundation's virtual webinar "Your Italian Passport – A Conversation about Dual Citizenship." NIAF programs are a vital part of our mission and we are committed to bringing exciting content to our members and supporters virtually. 

I would like to invite you to join NIAF. It is a perfect time to connect with your heritage and your fellow Italian Americans as you experience our programs and events. Further your NIAF membership provides you with an opportunity to honor your Italian American ancestors while creating a direct link to the next generation of Italian Americans by providing an understanding of their heritage and its importance in guiding their lives.

Along with our newly launched virtual events, our three flagship programs are focused on ensuring that the rich tradition of being Italian American is carried forward to the next generation: 

  • Ambassador Peter F. Secchia Voyage of Discovery provides all-expense paid, first-time travel to Italy for young Italian American adults
  • NIAF Scholarships have provided millions of dollars in financial aid to college-bound Italian American students.
  • NIAF on Campus encourages young Italian Americans at major colleges and universities to understand and embrace their cultural heritage. 

We cannot build on these wonderful programs without your continued support. Your membership will not only be of benefit to you it will ensure these vital programs continue as we honor our heritage, values, and culture - and in the process inspiring the next generation.

Please go to www.niaf.org/join-us to support and join us. We hope you will become part of our NIAF family.



Hon. Patricia de Stacy Harrison 


National Italian American Foundation

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Blow Up Dolls and Reto from Manchuela

The People at the Next Table are Real Stiffs
To give the look of a a fuller restaurant and to ease the discomfort of being isolated at a table,
many restaurants are bringing in mannequins or fake diners made of plastic or cardboard.


What does one order when you a sharing a table with literally, plastic, people.
This is the time to experiment. Try something new. 
Hey, you are already having dinner with blow up dolls!

Bodegas Ponce Reto Manchuela 2018 | Wine Info
Bodegas Ponce Reto 2018
Manchuela, Spain

“Reto is the first white wine made in our winery.
Produced from 4 different vineyards 40-60 years old.
Grape varietal is Albilla and vineyard soil is mainly calcareous.
Wine is aged for 8 months in old barrels 600-700 liter capacity."

From a cooler year than 2017 resulting in slightly lower alcohol and higher acidity.
The vintage represents a style that is fresh, complex and mineral, with an austere profile and integrated oak.
It's still young and shows more primary notes of freshly cut grass and aromatic herbs,
but the core is striking minerality and spark of the granite soils. Cool-climate profile, with marked acidity,
that should keep the wine alive in bottle for a good 5 years or more.
One of the freshest Mediterranean whites from Spain. The price is simply unbelievable. 

Very Difficult to Find
$23 @MetroWines

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A Geodesist and Uphold Wine from Ryme

*** A Geodesist ***
NYT defined the profession as: Someone who calculates the Earth's shape and size,
gravitational field and orientation in space over time. Who does this?
I did some research. Turns out Gladys Mae West did it and slammed it home!

Gladys Mae West (née Brown) (born 1930) is an American mathematician 
known for her contributions to the mathematical modeling of the shape of the earth 
and her work on the development of the satellite geodesy models that were eventually incorporated
into the Global Positioning System (GPS). West was inducted into the USAir Force Hall of Fame in 2018.

Gladys West, pozapomenutá žena, jíž vděčíme za vývoj GPS ...

*** A toast to you Gladys Mae West ***

UPHOLD 2017 California White from Ryme
Sustainably Biodynamic
All profits donated to support the planet!

Uphold Wines Rosé For The Women 2016 | Wine.com

Lemon and tart tangerine citrus, good body,
balanced acidity, smooth with nice finish. 

*** $16.99 ***

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Violante Ferroni and Contessa Costanza

*** In the Beginning ***
Before photography, plagues and pandemics were recorded in paint.

A great example is the oval depicting St. John healing victims of the plague painted
for the Hospital of San Giovanni di Dio in Florence by Violante Ferroni,
a woman who bent all rules at a time when large scale public commissions were reserved for men.

Webinar through Italian Embassy in Washington DC on June 4th from 4 to 5pm

Your Webinar With Wine:
Contessa Costanza
Cera Suolo di Vittoria Classico 2017

Poggio di Bortolone Contessa Costanza Cerasuolo di Vittoria ...
50% Nero D'Avola and 50% Frappato, Sicily $16.99
The Countess Constance wine Poggio di Bortolone is characterized by its remarkable freshness.
It has a bright red color and gives off vibrant aromas of blueberry, cherry and red currant.
On the palate it reveals its excellent structure and fruity and persistent finish.

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Potato People and Wine

Peru, Potatoes and Potato People

Peruvian Potatoes | Eat Drink and Travel (com imagens) | Batata ...

National Geographic writes: Since at least 5,000 BC, Peru has been dining on spuds.
More than 4,000 varieties grow in country. But diversity and the cultural value
of the crop are being threatened by industrialized agriculture. Inventive chefs,
including Virgilio Martinez, are working to boost the status of the potato
and other traditional Andean mood often called "Novoandina."
At his restaurant, "Mil," in the Sacred Valley, you will find varieties of potatoes
in an 8 course Andean focused meal.

Gordon Ramsey on The Potato King in Peru

All About Traditional High Andean Food

"Mil" Restaurant in Peru
"Tintos" on the menu include Chianti, Monastrell and Cannonau.

Let's Potato Pair with Cannonau

$16.99 at wine.com
$18.97 at Wine Chateau

*** $15.99 @MetroWines ***

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Go RAW for Your Wedding

*** Edible Garden ***
You still have time to build a garden that YOU CAN EAT!


All those herbs and most delicious vegetables.
let's select something versatile and earthy.

Really Awesome Wine – Organic & Vegan
RAW made its debut @MetroWines last year. Smashing Success.
You bought more than 10 cases. Very popular. Good news! New vintage is IN.
RAW has no additives and no manipulation.
Pale pink in glass, aromas and palate of strawberries, raspberries and white flowers.

Made in Spain. $15.99 @MetroWines!

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Italo Calvino and Sorelle Palazzi

From The MetroWines Book Suggestion Department
in Collaboration with Ciao Asheville

Book Club 1: If on a winter's night a traveler | Don't read too ...

Italo Calvino presents a novel of endless mutations in this intricate story about writing and readers.
If on a Winter's Night a Traveler turns out to be not one novel but ten, each with a different plot,
style, ambience, and author, and each interrupted at a moment of suspense.
Together they form a labyrinth of literatures, known and unknown, alive and extinct, through which
2 readers, a male and a female, pursue both story lines that intrigue them and one another. 

ITALO CALVINO (1923–1985) attained worldwide renown as one
of the twentieth century’s greatest storytellers. Born in Cuba, he was raised
in San Remo, Italy, and later lived in Turin, Paris, Rome, and elsewhere.

More about Calvino: https://www.britannica.com/biography/Italo-Calvino

Published in 1992. In paperback from Malaprops

Your Read it With Bottle

Sorelle Palazzi (Palazzi Sisters)
Toscana Sangiovese 2015, $17.99

Sorelle Palazzi Sangiovese 2018 – P&V Merchants
Grapes grown from old vines on Colli Pisani, Pisan Hills, on soils that are composed
mostly of clay. Native yeasts, non-filtered, and vilification in large cement tanks
give one the chance to taste the "blood of Jove" (Sangiovese) without breaking the bank.
Dried herbs, including thyme and chives, and fruit. Easy to drink solo or with food. 
The Palazzi Sisters, or Sorelle Palazzi, started their winery in 1973 in the little-known Chianti town
of Morrona di Terricciola, in the heart of the Colli Pisani,between Pisa and Volterra. 
Certified Organic by ICEA.

Meanwhile, a Roman Mosaic Floor was found under a Vineyard near Verona!

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Mid-Life Crisis and Ascent

Some say Covid launched a groundswell of early mid-life crises. Whatever.
Your Contemplate Where You Went Wrong and Where You are Going Wine:

Ascent Cabernet Sauvignon | Wine Info
Although not at the mid-life point yet, I asked Brett Watson to pick a bottle to steer the process. 
And he said: "Ascent! 100% cabernet from a vineyard site just next to the fabled Pride Mountain Vineyards 
that straddle the Napa and Sonoma County line. Ascent is a side project of well respected winemaker
Andrew Geoffrey. Well aged, integrated classical Cabernet for a quarter of the usual Napa cost. "

The generous fruit will allow this wine to age gracefully for years.
This limited-production masterpiece sits prettily in the glass with opulent aromas
of blackberry, red plum, and red cherry, accented by generous wisps of cola and chocolate.
The palate is anchored by dense flavors of cassis, licorice, and black olives,
and the tannins are still impeccably structured.

Compare, if you can find it, at $54.
OK. I realize Ascent is a little higher in price
but do I have to remind you:

(I already had mine.)

Or you could go the red sports car route and pair it
with this race car lover's dream house in LA for $62 million.


Your Call: $62M for $54?

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Keeping Your Name? Is there really a question?

DEAR ABBY: I'm in my mid-30s and have just been married for the first time. I chose not to take my husband's last name for several reasons. I have a child from a previous relationship who shares my name; I have a unique name that I love; and I am established in a career in which name recognition is important. I am also an older bride. Unfortunately, I didn't discuss it with my husband before the wedding, although I did explain my reasoning later.

We participate in a lot of activities as a couple where our names are written out, and people often ask me why I have a different last name. My husband is really bothered by it and hates when people bring it up. I want to make him happy and make these situations less uncomfortable, but I refuse to change it. Am I being unreasonable? How do I approach these awkward situations? Should I take his name in social situations but just not legally? -- LOVING MY NAME IN PENNSYLVANIA


DEAR LOVING: Many women these days have more than one identity and more than one name. If you are asked in a social situation why you didn't adopt your husband's name, an appropriate response would be that you are established in your career and felt changing it would be disruptive. However, I see nothing wrong with allowing yourself to be identified as "Janie Smith" ("Howard Smith's" wife) on invitations, place cards, etc. if you're OK with that. While most men these days would not be bothered by the fact that you have different names, it may make your husband feel better, and you might even come to like it.


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Beans and Wine

*** BEANS ***

Wine & Spirits Magazine Talks Beans!
"Beans, beans, a glorious staple. They last forever!
Don't skimp on the herbs and spices
and you will find you have a hearty comforting meal for your table.
"Earth, rusticity is the name of the wine game here"
with particular focus on muscular Uruguayan wines.

W&S suggests Garzon Tennat with Black Beans.
The 2018 scored 92 Points from W&S and Wine Enthusiast gave 90 Points.
One of the best sellers @MetroWines.

And The Big RED of The Week

German Bruzzone ferments this Tennat in cement then ages it
in a mix of French Oak barrels and casks, creating a clean, austerely red.
Expect turmeric and green peppercorn scents with solid dark fruit.
Structured and balanced, wine will go in bottle several years but is ready to drink now.

$19.99 at wine.com
(It really is beginning to tick me off the way wine.com is horn swoggling customers.
And they get awards for it! I feel a fight coming on....)

Beating Online Everywhere! $15.99 @MetroWines

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Still Life Painting, The Doors and French Wine

Still Life Painting "Three Wines": by Laurin McCracken
Mr. McCracken was born in Mississippi and lives in Ft. Worth Texas.
I am certain that you can find a local artist to paint your bottle!

Anyway, this whole genre got me to thinking, what wine would I like to have on canvas?
Well, it would need to be one that I also like in the glass,
like the story and want to share it with others.

Les Enfants Sauvages

Nikolaus and Carolin Bantlin originally came from Germany
but fell in love with the south of France, rock climbing and biking on holidays.
They discovered a large sheep pasture in Fitou, France,
with a small number of vines around that inspired them to start making wines. 

The vineyards at Les Enfants Sauvages are hidden by the surrounding garigue 
with no neighbors in sight. The only threat is the overgrowth of vegetation and the wild pigs!

Why "Les Enfants Sauvages?" Simply put, as a tribute to Jim Morrison and The Doors.
The duo behind the wines drew inspiration from The Doors’ song “Wild Child”—

about finding salvation in the wild state of nature. They took the French translation for their name.

A blend of 40% Cinsualt,40%Syrah and 20% Mourvedre
The result is a lovely, finesse-driven red that’s atypically light for the region.
Delicate, fresh cherry and strawberry flavors complemented by subtle mineral and earth notes. 
Crisp acidity and a dry finish. Drink alone or with food. You can also put a chill on it.

There's a lot of WILD in this bottle!
And that whole Doors Thing!
Just in case you don't remember the Doors or the song,
Here is Jim Morrison and The Doors on (get this) The Smothers Brothers in 1968:


Whoa. Totally worth a painting!

$24 at GnarlyVines BUT $22 @MetroWines!

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Bistro Burger Night Canceled

News Release: Thursday, May 28th, 2020
About: Event Cancelation
Bistro Burger Night with Chef Sam Etheridge @MetroWines scheduled for Tuesday, June 2nd, is canceled. All charges will be refunded. 
This event was scheduled as a community service before the state decided to ease restrictions on restaurants. As part of the food and beverage community here in Asheville, MetroWines and The A Team, the catering company founded by Chef Sam Etheridge, are committed to doing what we can to help our neighbors open their doors.
"This was an easy decision," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines. "Chef Sam and the staff and management @MetroWines agreed that this is the time to support Asheville restaurants starting to open and get cooking again!"
We encourage you to reserve a table at a restaurant where possible and take out dinner as an alternative. As most restaurants make a large percentage of their profits on alcohol, order a bottle of wine.
"And if you still want a burger on Tuesday," says Gina Trippi "call Bone and Broth on Charlotte Street at (828) 505-2849 and let Chef Chris Benson wow you!

Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi

Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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