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Celine&Co. and MetroWines Press Release


News Release: Wednesday, 24th, 2020
About: Celine and Company and MetroWines Partner on Dinners
We are partnering with Celine and Company on their new Pop Up restaurant, The Hideaway "On Broadway" opening this Thursday, June 25th.  Celine and Company is known for extraordinary, international cuisine and the reputation is well deserved.
"If you have not been to Celine and Company, the space is quite large," says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines. "Social distancing is eminently do-able!"
You are invited to shop your wines at MetroWines and bring the bottle to dinner. For a minimal corkage fee, staff will take care of everything, the chilling, the pouring, the cleaning up! We will have the menu and be ready to pair the perfect wine for you.
The Hideaway “On Broadway “ will open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 4:30pm to 9:30pm through August 1. The menu will change weekly.
The Hideaway "On Broadway" will also have live music most evenings. This Saturday, June 27th, Asheville Favorite Tom Leiner is playing! 
Reservations are available by calling us at 828-254-9902, also thru email at thehideawayreservations@gmail.com or thru our website-celineandcompany.com

Contact for MetroWines: Gina Trippi

Charlotte Street! It's the Next BIG Thing!
"Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service"
Shop:  828-575-9525
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Celine and Company & MetroWines Open for Business!

We are partnering with Celine and Company on their new Pop Up restaurant, The Hideaway "On Broadway" opening this Thursday, June 25th. 
You are invited to shop your wines at MetroWines and bring the bottle to dinner. For a minimal corkage fee, staff will take care of everything, the chilling, the pouring, the cleaning up! We will have the menu and be ready to pair the perfect wine for you.
The Hideaway “On Broadway “ will open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 4:30pm to 9:30pm through August 1. 
We will also have live music most evenings. This Saturday, June 27th, Tom Leiner is playing!
Reservations are available by calling us at 828-254-9902, also thru email at thehideawayreservations@gmail.com or thru our website-celineandcompany.com
The menu will change weekly. 

The Hideaway“On Broadway”

49 Broadway Street AVL,Serving Dinner 4:30 -9:30

Menu June 25, 26 & 27, 2020

Call 828-254-9902 for Reservations


Pawley’s Island Inspired Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes $14

Crimson Cabbage Slaw, Zesty Remoulade

Duck Confit Bruschetta $12

Annie’s Bakery Baguette, Roasted Garlic Schmear

Pickled Shallots with Fresh Thyme, Bangin’ Blue Cheese

Carolina Bison Tenderloin Carpaccio $10

Aged Balsamic, EVOO, Lusty Monk Aioli, Fried Capers

Soup and Salads

Lemon Chicken Soup with Toasted Orzo $6

Creamy Burrata Salad with Grilled Peaches $12

Local Baby Greens, Toasted Pine Nuts, Shaved Fennel Fresh Mint, Raspberry Crunch, Lemon Vinaigrette

Frisee Salad, House Cured Bacon, Vinaigrette $10

Roasted Beets, Goat Lady Gouda, “Devilish” Farm Egg


Fresh Carolina Flounder & Poached Shrimp $24

Red Pepper Beurre Blanc, Summer Squashes

Golden Rice Pilaf with Benne Seeds

Steak “Au Poivre”Beef Tenderloin Medallions $26

Truffled Pink Peppercorn Demi Glace

Celery Root and Leek Whipped Potatoes

Creamed Spinach with Herb Toasted Breadcrumbs

Roasted Half Chicken, Parmesan Gnocchi $18

Fresh Tomato Basil Sauce, Roasted Broccoli Rabe

Char Grilled Cauliflower Steak, Chimichurri $18

Crispy Fingerling Potato Hash, Trumpet Mushrooms

Sweet Summer Corn, Smoked Paprika, Sexy Local Chèvre

Savory Pork Roast $20

Artisan Grits, Shitake Mushroom Pan Sauce, Collards

Sweet Endings

Key Lime Tartwith Chantilly Cream $6

House Made Mousse Trio $8

Chocolate Espresso, Strawberry Mascarpone

Salted Caramel with Poppy’s Popcorn Crunch

“Asheville Chocolate” Favorites $8

Firecracker Truffles, Sorbetto and Gelato

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Hit the Virtual Road with Cantayano

The pet suitcase: 12 Items to pack for your dog – SheKnows

Start Planning Travel Now!

First Step in immersion is to get a head start NOW vicariously.
Call our Vicarious Travel Expert,
Andy Hale, Director of The Asheville School of Wine,
and plan a customized class!

(828) 575-9525

The planning process calls for a wine that is exciting, slightly exotic but mainstream.
You must remain reasonable and keep your wits about you yet stretch.
Both Brett and Andy agree this bottle of white is the ONE!

Cantayano Verdejo 2017 

Cantayano 2017 | Vino blanco | Isaac Cantalapiedra Viticultor

This delivers a deep, complex bouquet with bags of personality, revealing a nose of pear,
peach stone, wild fennel, beeswax, saline and a nice herbal touch of lemongrass.
On the palate, wine is pure, focused and very full-bodied for Verdejo, with a rock solid core, excellent minerality, fresh acidity and outstanding length yet with a youthful finish.

You may call young winemaker, Manuel Cantalapiedra, a rebel or even a freedom fighter
but most importantly he is a farmer with a clear vision for the style of Verdejo he wants
to make in Castilla y Leon. He shares a passion for this grape with his father, who he named
the winery after, and with his neighbors, but this is where the common interest ends
and the rebellion begins. Harvesting later, organically and from single vineyard plots,
his wines demonstrate power and finesse in equal measure. 

*** $19.99 ***

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Prevention Magazine Wine Pick!

** Prevention Magazine Selects 10 Best US Wines **

Willamette Valley Pinot Noir Whole Cluster Fermented | Total Wine ...

Prevention Magazine selected Willamette Valley Vineyards' Whole Cluster Pinot Noir
as one of the "10 Best Red Wines Made in the United States to Buy in 2020." The article 
highlights resveratrol, an antioxidant found in the skins of wine grapes.
Pinot Noir is a thin-skinned wine grape that develops the antioxidant resveratrol
as a natural defense to botrytis (mold) in the Willamette Valley's moist, cool climate. 
Willamette Valley Vineyards obtained permission in 2005 from regulators to include resveratrol
on the Whole Cluster Pinot Noir label, making it the first wine in the United States
to include resveratrol content and its origin.  

Whole Cluster Pinot Noir
Willamette Valley Vineyards’s Whole Cluster Pinot Noir is certified sustainable
and incredibly versatile. The winemakers call it 'liquid fruit salad in a glass' because
it opens with aromas of ripe black cherry, strawberry, black currant, and raspberry.
It’ll go perfectly with any BBQ dish this summer.

-  Devin Tomb, Prevention Magazine, 5/24/2020

Lush and rich, balanced by firm texture. Dark berries and a touch of oak
come through from start to finish. 91pts Wine Enthusiast

To Your Health! $24

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Girls of Atomic City by Denise Kiernan


From the "MetroWines Book Review" Department
and The Metro Wines "You Just Never Know" Department

At the height of World War II, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, was home to 75,000 residents,
and consumed more electricity than New York City, yet it was shrouded in such secrecy
that it did not appear on any map. Thousands of civilians, many of them young women
from small towns across the U.S., were recruited to this secret city, enticed by the promise
of solid wages and war-ending work. The purpose of this mysterious government project
was kept a secret from the outside world and from the majority of the residents themselves. 

“Kiernan has amassed a deep reservoir of intimate details of what life was like for women living
in the secret city...Rosie, it turns out, did much more than drive rivets.” The Washington Post

Denise Kiernan is the author of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal bestseller 
The Last Castle. Her previous book, The Girls of Atomic City, is a New York Times,
Los Angeles Times,
 and NPR bestseller. Kiernan has been published in The New York Times,
The Wall Street Journal, The Village Voice, Ms., Reader’s Digest and Discover
She worked in television as head writer for ABC’s Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 
during its Emmy award–winning first season and producing for media outlets
such as ESPN and MSNBC. She has been a featured guest on NPR’s “Weekend Edition,” 
PBS NewsHour, 
MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 

and a customer @MetroWines!
Denise says: 
“The gang at Metro Wines is fun, friendly, and boy do they know their stuff.
We are so lucky to have them as a part of our Asheville community,
especially during these trying times."

Buy the Book Here: 

"Read it With Wine" 
Pierre Marie Chermette Beaujolais 2018, $18.99


Brimming with bright, fresh raspberry, this is a wine of purity and finesse.
It absolutely shines, even among the scores of lively Beaujolais bottling available. 
Pierre Chermette and his wife Martine have produced some of the best vintages
in Beaujolais over the past two decades. The farm follows organic, natural, and biodynamic
wine-making practices. Vines have low yields of extremely high quality, ripe Gamay fruit.
Fermentation in oak foudre using only natural yeasts found on the grapes,
no use of sulfur and unfiltered. The wine is violet-blue in color and slightly cloudy
in the glass, with aromas of berries and wet earth. The wine is rich and fresh
on the palate with fresh fruit and mix of minerals and acidity. Versatile with food or solo. 
Serve with a slight chill. This is a great warm weather wine.

Want to Keep UP with Denise Kiernan?
Instagram: http://@iamdenisekiernan
Twitter: http://@DeniseKiernan>
Website: https://www.denisekiernan.com

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Andy Hale Talks Summer Wines


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The Amazing Avocado


Reprinted from 50 Plus Linving in WNC Magazine

By Gina Trippi

Avocado is back on the table and on the walls!  The all white kitchen is yielding to the resurgence of the celebrated 1960’s color and the avocado itself is showing up with everything from toast to dessert.  The color palette is your call but we can help with the avocado, the fruit, palate pairing.


The relatively mild avocado, indigenous to Central America, with its creamy texture started as an aphrodisiac! By 1871, the avocado had found its way to California. Hass and Fuerte are the two most easily accessible varieties. While Hass has more oil content and Fuerte more fiber, the two are similar in taste and interchangeable for recipes and for our purpose of pairing.

Got a great recipe and the wine ready but the avocado is not yet ripe? Put no more than a few avocados in a paper bag with an apple at room temperature. The apple emits ethylene gas, a ripening agent. And to stop the avocado from turning brown, a teaspoon of lemon or lime juice helps the fruit retain its lovely green color.


Most of us think of the avocado as uniquely suited to Mexican dishes but this versatile fruit is holding its own in many other cuisines. You have no doubt encountered western style sushi known as the California Roll. So, now the avocado is surround by cucumbers instead of black beans and salsa! And the avocado is a welcomed addition to any dish with the heat turned up as the natural fat tempers the heat and calms the spices. Avocados are now in ice cream, sweet drinks and vinaigrette.


But for all its virtues, the Avocado has a bad reputation for wine pairing. Natalie MacLean, author of Red, White, and Drunk All Over says: “I put them in a category I call ‘Green Wine Stalkers’ because their natural compounds don’t marry well with many wine styles.”

Look for a white wine with high acidity to cut through the sweetness and fat in the fruit. A New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc such as Kim Crawford or Alois Lageder Pinot Grigio from Alto Adige would be good matches. If you prefer red, avoid tannic wines and opt for Domaine Depueble Beaujolais or California Pinot Noir such as Bodan Roan. 

Depending on the heat level of the recipe, the pairing may require a demi-sec Vouvray such as La Vigne Des Sablons or a domestic sparkling like Roederer Brut. And in case of doubt, call for backup! A middle of the road Rosé works with almost anything almost anytime!

Finally, many fear the avocado for its fat content. But rejoice! It is, as they say, the good fat. Avocado is loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, the kind that doctors say can lower the bad LDL cholesterol and maintain levels of the good HDL cholesterol.

Pick up avocados and let us pair a wine to your recipe @MetroWines.  

Painting the walls is up to you!

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Big WHITE of The Week
CEP Sauvignon Blanc 2019, $24
Cep Hopkins Ranch Sauvignon Blanc | Wine Info
Hopkins Ranch, Russian River Valley, Cloverdale, California

Our Sauvignon Blanc is unique and may be easiest to understand
by comparing it to other regions. It does not have the fruity sweetness found
in New Zealand or the melon and gooseberry oak inflected fatness
of most California Sauvignon Blanc. It is also not grassy like a typical
Sancerre but there is bright acidity, mineral, citrus and green notes.

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Alchemy of Italy

Join NIAF for
Italy in Our Hearts and Minds: The Alchemy of Italy with Author of La Dolce Vita University
An Unconventional Guide to Italian Culture from A to Z, Carla Gambescia 

Wednesday June 24, 7:00pm EST

What is it about Italy? Cultural Superpower yet merely a mountainous Mediterranean peninsula, Italy has exerted an outsized force on the world, Western civilization and the popular imagination over the course of millennia.

Join NIAF and Carla Gambescia and explore the special alchemy of Italy and the "cultural DNA" that has made Italy not only so influential, but also so beloved. 

Be sure to sign up before space runs out! The lecture will also be accompanied by a stunning slideshow. Registration is required and it is only $25 to attend. We hope to see you then!


Carla Gambescia is the author of La Dolce Vita University: An Unconventional Guide to Italian Culture from A to Z, Silver Prize winner of "Best Travel Book of the Year" awarded by the North American Travel Journalists Association. A regular lecturer on topics of Italian cultural interest, Carla has written about and toured every region of Italy on foot or by bicycle and curates the photoblog Postcards from the Boot. Carla conceived and co-led the Giro del Gelato bicycle tour winner of OUTSIDE Magazine's "Best Trip in Western Europe," and, for a decade, owned and operated Via Vanti! Restaurant & Gelateria in Mount Kisco, NY.

Following Carla's, presentation there will be a brief Q&A session.

If you have any questions, please contact us at VirtualEvents@niaf.org.

We can't wait for you to join us!

Amb. Peter F. Secchia Building
1860 19th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
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Edvard Munch The Scream and Riesling

This Real Thing by Edvard Munch is fading!
Scientists say “The Scream” is fading due to human breath.
With the museum closed, the painting is getting needed social distance. 

An international team of scientists used X-ray light and other techniques
to investigate the reasons for the deterioration of the paint in the iconic canvas.
The scientists determined Munch accidentally used an impure cadmium yellow paint 
vulnerable to low humidity. It can fade and flake because of human breath!

As a result, bright yellow paint that Munch had originally used
for the sunset background, and the neck area of its tortured protagonist,
has gradually degraded into an off-white color tone. The thick yellow paint
that he used for the lake above the screaming figure’s head is flaking off.

I need a glass of wine!  But what? Not a lot of vineyards in Norway and almost no export of wine.

We know there is at least one vineyards growing Rielsing in Norway:
Wall Street Journal on Wine in Norway:

Contemplate screaming about The Scream 
and our own upcoming HOT days with a German Dry Rielsing.

Louis Guntrum Dry Riesling 2018 | Wine Info
Delicate fragrance of white peaches, apricot and juicy pears.

Impressive smooth palate, lasting flavors. Classical Riesling in expression and elegance.
At least you don't need to scream about the price: $17.99

BTW, Need a Challenge? The world's most northern vineyard for sale!

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Soviet Bus Stops and Ramsay Cabernet

From The MetroWines Book Review Department

Photographer Christopher Herwig first noticed the unusual architecture
of Soviet-era bus stops in 2002. Over the next 12 years, he covered more than 18,000 miles through 14 countries in the former Soviet Union hunting down these bus stops! The local bus stop proved to be fertile ground for local artistic experimentation in the Soviet period, and was built seemingly without design restrictions or budgetary concerns. The result is an astonishing variety of styles
and types across the region, from the strictest Brutalism to exuberant whimsy.


I bet you're thinking a bottle of Russian Wine to Read it With
but the Russians are not exporting a significant amount of bottles.
The varietals in country include Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
Read all about Russian Wine:


And Pair it all With 
The BIG RED of The Week

Ramsay Cabernet Sauvignon | Wine Info
Bing cherries and red currant in the nose with numerous subtle undertones.
These are carried forward to the palate with bright, mouth-filling fruit with just the perfect hint of tannin. Winemaker Kent Rasmussen truly believes that
the North Coast has the perfect terroir for growing Cabernet Sauvignon.

*** $19.99 ***

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50 Degrees N Sparkling

From the Metro Wines Real Estate Department
The entrance to this Beverly Hills Spec House includes a 15 foot waterfall.
Asking $39 Million. 

Turns out the Virus is generating "a lot of interest" as people have realized
they might be inside their houses "for a while." Of course! Build a waterfall!

We think we can give you the same feeling for a lot less!
Cool. Clean. Sparkling. Dry. Exciting. Gorgeous in glass!
Latitude 50 N Sekt Trocken Rosé RheingauThis is an extraordinarily unique blend of Portugeiser, Dornfelder and Pinot Noir.
It has a bright, fragrant nose, super creamy mousse with pretty strawberry fruit flavors accented by a hint of lemon zest and a dry, refreshing finish.
It is great on its own, but has the body to complement a variety of foods,
making it an excellent and versatile choice for entertaining

or substituting for a waterfall.

Teaching Moment: Portugeiser: A red Austrian, Slovenian wine and German wine grape found primarily in the Rheinhessen, Pfalz and wine regions of Lower Austria and Slovenia. Despite its name, there is no evidence that the varietal is from Portugal. Usually results in a DRY red wine.

From Savio Saores Selections $16.99

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Salamander Zebras, LaQuercia, and Stanislaus Red Sauce

Prepare for The Next Isolation!

Scalamandre Zebras - Wallpaper Masai Red Wallpaper | DecoratorsBest
In 1945, the owner of "Gino" an Italian red sauce joint, commissioned
Flora Scalamandré, wife of legendary textile house founder, to design wallpaper
for his drab Manhattan restaurant. When it came to covering walls,
the primary goal of Gino Circiello was to hide the splatters of marinara sauce
on the walls! The zebra design is now available in many colors. The pattern has endured because of the way they hop so unexpectedly into relatively
conformist rooms. The motif, says NYT, is a go-to choice for enlivening
powder rooms, foyers and hallways. SanFrancisco designer Maria Haidamus said:
"It adds whimsy to an otherwise sober setting."
Rooms covered in Scalamandré zebras have made cameo appearances
in movies including "The Royal Tenenbaums" and "The Mighty Aphrodite."


Your Celebrate and Decorate with Scalamandré Wine:
La Quercia Montepulciano Riserva 2015

Vini La Quercia Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Riserva | Wine Info
Here's a solid, straightforward red that opens with aromas of sour cherry
and a whiff of new leather. The ripe fruity palate exhibits juicy blackberry,
raspberry and a hint of anise. It's easy drinking, with soft tannins.

*** $22 ***

And a BIG can of Stanislaus Red Sauce, $14.99!

FULL RED – Marinara Sauce | Stanislaus Foods

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Sherlock Holmes, Poe and Sherry


Tired of Watching the Detectives?
Want to Be a Detective?

77 Best Sherlock images in 2020 | Sherlock holmes, Sherlock, Holmes

This is your chance (and mine!) to be the best, Sherlock Holmes.
New York Times says "Dear Holmes" is "an epistolary mystery experience."
It works like this: A series of missives addressed to Sherlock Holmes arrive
in your mailbox asking for your help on a case. The sender could be
a Conan Doyle regular like Inspector Lestrade or someone new to you.
The first dispatch sets up the scenario by outlining the details of the crime
or conundrum, with observations about the suspects or events.
Over the month, more letters and clues arrive.

I have already signed up for 6 months. If any of you decide to play along,
let me know so we can compare notes! The game is afoot!

OK. You will need a quiet space, preferably a rainy day, a candle for mood
And, of course, it's elementary, a bottle of sherry to sip while you solve.

Lustau Dry Amontillado Auguste Dupin was Sherlock Holmes before Sherlock Holmes, a genius detective who first appeared in “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” by Edgar Allen Poe,first published in 1841. In that story, the first locked-room mystery,
two women are dead and only a bloody straight razor, two bags of gold coins
and some tufts of hair are found in the room with their bodies.
Even Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock, acknowledged Poe's influence."Where was the detective story until Poe breathed the breath of life into it?"
So it is only fitting for us to choose a bottle of Amontillado Dry Sherry
a la "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allen Poe.

*** $21***

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Rickety Bridge Pinotage

The Not AS BIG RED of The Week
Rickety Bridge Pinotage 2017 $26
First, mea culpa, we did not realize how popular this wine would be
and did not buy enough the first time around.
We then, and you (sorry) had to wait, literally for the boat.
But, finally, it's back. Come and get it!

Rickety Bridge Pinotage 2019 | wine.co.zaWestern Cape, South Africa. Red fruit forward with black and blueberry flavors
in the background while the light oaking accentuates flavours of red currants
and blue berries. A velvety palate with well-integrated tannins
which are supported by subtle smokinessleading into a lingering finish.
Perfect for wild game, spicy foods and Indian dishes.

*** $19.99 ***

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Fish and Chips @MetroWines on June 26th

Caroline's Treasures Jack Russell Terrier with English Union Jack ...
After the smashing success of the visit
from The Reel Molloy Fish and Chips Food Truck this past Friday,

*** The British Are Coming BACK ***
Friday, June 26th from 11am to 2pm
in the "car park" @MetroWines.

You can order on location or online ahead:


And we will have a selection of beers and wines ready to GO!

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Mary Ann Esposito

NIAF Membership Giveaway with My Dad's Sauce – Enter by Midnight!

In honor of Father's Day, NIAF is offering its members a chance to win a jar of My Dad's Sauce along with: a NIAF Buon Appetito! apron, a NIAF "Make Sunday Italian Again" wooden spoon, and a signed copy of Celebrity Chef Mary Ann Esposito's latest cookbook Ciao Italia: My Lifelong Food Adventures in Italy

NIAF Members eligible to win this gift must follow these three easy steps:

  1. Like NIAFMary Ann Esposito, and My Dad's Sauce's Facebook pages;
  2. Follow both NIAF and My Dad's Sauce's Instagram accounts; and
  3. Email media@niaf.org confirming that they did steps 1 and 2 above.

My Dad's Sauce is an Italian American family company founded by siblings—in fact, two of its three founders are alumnae of the Ambassador Peter F. Secchia Voyage of Discovery program! Check out their inspiring story here

The contest was supposed to end on June 10, but we extended it until 11:59 p.m. tonight! The winner will be announced tomorrow, June 12. 

Not a NIAF Member? Join today to be eligible to win this fantastic giveaway. 



The National Italian American Foundation 

Amb. Peter F. Secchia Building
1860 19th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009

© 2020 National Italian American Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

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The 6os, Tie-Dye and Maldicion

BORED Out of What's Left of Your Mind?
Get Colorful and Creative. 

Tie-Dye! It's Back! 
with Vegetables

and with Wine
11 Weird Ways to use Wine from Bob Vila including fabric dye!


Your Tie Dye it With Wine should be an organic, land conscious wine
but celestially influenced (read: biodynamic!) and value minded!

Marc Isart 'La Maldicion' Tinto de Valdilecha | Wine Info
From Catalalinia, Marc Isart is head winemaker at the much acclaimed Bernabeleva,
where he is spearheading the property’s transformation to biodynamics. Isart works
on “getting back in touch with the home soil, nature and farming.” The La Maldición label
(translates to “The Curse”), named for the laborers’ struggles to reach and then work
the land at this secluded property in Valdelichia, Madrid. These vineyards are located
in the Arganda del Ray sub-zone within the Viños de Madrid DO.

Tinto de Valdilecha is a blend of 75% mature-vine Tempranillo and the local white grape,
Malvar, making up the balance. Both varieties are co-fermented with natural yeasts,
on skins for 20-25 days, and aged in cement and stainless steel tanks. Pure, pleasant weight, floral-tinged, cherry/cola fruit, lined with wispy tannins and refreshing acidity.
A delicious,high-grown yet generous country red and an absolute bargain.

*** $15.99 ***
$13.59 when you buy any 12 bottles.

Get in the Tie-Dye Mood with The Fifth Dimension
and "Age of Aquarius- Let the Sunshine In"


But for those who want to go totally authentic, The Fifth Dimension
combined these two songs, scattered throughout the play, from the musical "Hair" (1969).
The original "Let the Sunshine In" was not preceded by "Age of Aquarius" 
but rather by a song titled "The Flesh Failures." 
Remember, this play was about a developing culture,
race relations, sexual identity and politics and well, Viet Nam.
Warning: This combination is, shall we say, a little different than The 5thD!

But lest you think tie-dye is all about counter culture,
maybe it WAS but now it IS Chanel

and Versace and Proenza Schouler and Louis Vuitton and...

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Guyot French Chardonnay

Over the years, we have all learned that
a badly made Chardonnay is JUST PLAIN BAD.
Irredeemable. You can't even use the thing to make salad dressing.

This is White Burgundy from France at an unbelievable price.

Domaine Sangouard-GuyotThird-generation Burgundian vigneron Pierre-Emmanuel Sangouard spotlights
the classic clay-limestone soil to craft this white Burgundy. A green-glinted golden
color in glass, Sangouard’s 2018 brilliantly expresses its Mâconnais origins
with white Burgundy aromas of clay-limestone soil, lemon zest, and white peach skin.
Crisp, brisk, and stony on the palate blending yellow plum, white peach,
and Meyer lemon fruit with mineral undercurrents, lively acidity, and complex undertones
of browned butter, and raw hazelnuts. Vinified and aged in stainless steal to preserve its minerality. Long finish with echoes of calcareous terroir. Sustainably Farmed. 13%ALC.

Unbelievable Value at $17.99.

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Grape Abduction

 Head for Space!

Hey, everybody is doing it!
Jeff Bezos said: "The only way that I can see to deploy this much financial resource
is by converting my Amazon winnings into space travel."
 He also said we need to go to space because we are destroying the earth. Let's put aside the fact that his great wealth
could be spent on efforts to cure cancer, get kids out of poverty, feed the hungry,
does Bezos see his part in the destruction of the environment?
HINT: Shipping. Shipping. Shipping. And every aspect of it.

Back to the Point. * SPACE*  
Engage. Commit. Lift Off
With Grape Abduction from Slovenia

$25 and Under
Imported by Phillipe Bourgeois. Grape Abduction Rosé is a slightly darker pink
than typical of the South of France. Bursting with ripe wild berries, wild strawberries,
and a hint of freshly picked violets. The darker hue comes from the red grape Žametna Črnina, one of the oldest grapes in Slovenia. On the palate, the wine is round, fruity,
with a refreshing acidity that carries all that red fruit aromas across the tastebuds
to a long and smooth finish.  $15.99. 10% discount on 6. 15% on 12.

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