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Betsey Johnson and Rosé

Betsey Johnson and Rosé

Tuesday, 13 July 2021 11:35


This story lured me IN. Designer Betsey Johnson moved to this very well sitedMalibu Beach Trailer Park saying: 

At my age, if I fall down in the middle of the street, I want somebody to go: Hey! What's that girl doing in the middle of the street?

See the whole BETSEY Pink Place HERE!

THIS is no ordinary trailer park. THIS is where the Rockford Files, X Men & Baywatch filmed. It is now "gated" and prices range from $550k to over $4million. Betsey describes her signature shade of pink as

(not color accurate!)

Perfect! I have had trouble describing a certain color of Rosé, but that's it! 

MetroWines Customers KNOW Rosé. Time to kick it up a notch! 

To You Betsey from Our Community to Your Community!

"Lisounette" is Ballerina with a Touch of Salmon!

13%ALC from T. Edwards. $24.00

This biodynamic, unfiltered rosé is from 15th-generation winemaker Sebastien David.

"Lisounette" is estate-grown Cabernet Franc in egg-shaped concrete containers, with no sulfur (or anything else, for that matter) added at any point. then on to wild-cherry palate spiked with sea salt and blood orange. Difficult to put down and full of charm.