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Ancient Peaks "Dinner with the Owner" Menu

Monday, 01 May 2023 13:24
Chef Sam Etheridge!
Wine Dinner with The Owner, Karl Wittstrom!
May 17th at Engaged in Reynolds Village

Chef Sam Etheridge prepares an amuse bouche and a 4 course dinner
that take the challenge of these bold and beautiful wines.
We have offered Ancient Peaks wines for years to our customers
who have continued to support the brand.
And now, we are delighted to host Karl Wittstrom
who wants to see what this MetroWines is all about!

You will be greeted with an amuse bouche and Ancient Peaks Sauvignon Blanc
followed by 4 courses each pairedwith an Ancient Peaks wine selected by Chef Sam.

Menu: Chef Sam says: "My idea is summertime, California style cuisine."
- Sunburst trout farms Rangoons, fermented mango.
- First of the season tomato and watermelon gazpacho,
fresh Buffalo milk mozzarella, ramp pesto.
- Grape Vine Smoked Heritage Farm Ribs,
charred corn and shrimp potato salad, pork belly hush puppies,
black garlic bbqand Grilled beef tri-tip,
- Wild mushroom and scallion pancake “short stack”, sun dried tomato butter, pomegranate syrup, ramp chimichurri. 
Served Family Style!

Join us! $89(plus tax) for the evening for evening,
signed bottles, winery stories and a handshake!