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AMBROZIA, "The Bear" and Materra Wines

AMBROZIA, "The Bear" and Materra Wines

Thursday, 06 October 2022 09:45
Chef Sam Etheridge of AMBROZIA cooks "The Bear," as seen on HULU, and pairs his take on the dishes with Materra Wines all presented in a casual cocktail party atmosphere with food and wine stations. A representative of the winery will join us and be available to answer questions.

The event is $50 (plus tax). Call (828) 575-9525 or Shop Online Here
What's "The Bear"
A young chef, Carmy, AKA "The Bear" from the fine dining world, comes home to Chicago to run the family's sandwich shop after a heartbreaking death in his family. A world away from what he's used to, Carmy must balance the soul-crushing realities of small business ownership, his strong-willed and recalcitrant kitchen staff and his strained familial relationships. As Carmy fights to transform both the shop and himself, he works alongside a rough-around-the-edges kitchen crew that ultimately reveals itself as his chosen family. The legendary Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich takes center stage but there is so much more!

What's Materra All About?
The winemaker is Chelsea Barrett. Who? Did you see the movie "Bottle Shock" giving an accounting of California winemaking history when Chateau Montelena won the Judgment of Paris in 1976? Beau Barrett is the son of the founder of Chateau Montelena where he is now the CEO. And his wife, Heidi Peterson Barrett is one of America’s best and most renowned winemakers (Screaming Eagle, Dalle Valle, La Sirena and many others). Bo and Heidi Peterson Barrett will be married 34 years in June. Chelsea is their daughter!. Read the story here:

So, Chelsea Barrett literally has wine in her blood! Growing up in Calistoga, she began working in vineyards and wineries from a young age. She attended UC Davis and graduated in 2010 with a degree in Viticulture and Enology. After college, Chelsea interned at Mayer am Pfarplaz (Austria), Two Hands (Australia), and Opus One (Napa Valley). She started as enologist at Joel Gott wines in 2012, where she was promoted to assistant winemaker a year later, then to winemaker in 2017. In 2017, she also joined Heidi as co-winemaker for Amuse Bouche and Au Sommet. In summary, she knows wine!

Why Pair "The Bear" with Materra?
"Because both endeavors stand for the proposition of never quitting!" says Gina Trippi, co-owner of MetroWines. "And carrying that steadfastness and tradition forward."
Why Chef Sam Etheridge of AMBROZIA?

"Like "the Bear" Chef Sam takes simple ingredients and combines them into an elevated dish," says John Kerr, co-owner of MetroWines. "This is a unique combination, and like a Bordeaux, and one that works!"